Hasting and Co. pitches Lee’s Chicken in new commercial

If your hunger to see country music group Hasting and Co. can’t wait until their Dec. 1 appearance at Holiday in the City, there’s an appetizer available.

Springfield native Kate Hasting and bandmate Josh Beale have made a commercial for Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken appearing on local television and available online.

It’s the duo’s first such spot.

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“While we’re a band, we’re also a local business of sorts,” Hasting said. “We built this project from the ground up in the Miami Valley. So many people have supported us in this journey and we want to do anything we can to support other great businesses here in Ohio.”

Lee’s was part of Hasting’s upbringing, a Sunday after-church tradition, and she’s since made Beale a fan, with Lee’s catering several of their Ohio shows.

“(Lee’s President, General Manager) Scott Griffith and his team have been a pleasure to work with and for,” Hasting said.

Credit: Source: Hasting and Co.

Credit: Source: Hasting and Co.

She thinks the commercial’s exposure will benefit both parties and allow fans to see a different side of the duo and maybe pick up new fans.

Hasting and Co.’s newest single, “American Love” just debuted on Nov. 2. It’s a tribute to Hasting’s parents and even more meaningful following a tragic auto accident this past summer.

Dan Hasting died and Libby Hasting was critically injured following a car crash in Miami County. Hasting and Beale would perform at the Clark County Fair just weeks after, and she appreciated the support.

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“I really want to thank this community for the kindness and outreach since the death of my father,” Hasting said. “My mom continues to fight for recovery after the accident and we are overwhelmed by the support. It’s beautiful, and I thank you for it.”

Hasting and Co. will perform at 5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 1 at Holiday in the City in downtown Springfield. Fellow Springfielder Griffin House will also play at 6:30.

To see the commercial and get a link to "American Love," go to www.facebook.com/hastingandco/?ref=br_rs.

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