Justin Bieber's burrito-eating travesty has the internet looking sideways at him

One thing is clear  Justin Bieber, this is no way to eat a burrito.

The "Sorry" singer has been been consumed in burrito-eating scandal after photos appeared on   Reddit of the star chowing down on the tortilla delicacy right down the middle. Like he's eating corn on the cob. Or playing the harmonica.

So wrong.

It wasn't just etiquette experts up in arms.

"Look at him eat a burrito like he's never seen food before," stammered  Vanity Fair.

"WTF Is Justin Bieber Doing to this Burrito?" screamed  E! News.

The Vice Investigation team had a reporter eat a burrito sideways, which led to an entirely unsatisfactory meal and some biting commentary.

Beyond the mystery of what he's doing to the food, some have pointed out that it might not be Bieber, even if the sweatshirt and hat have been seen in the past.

Vanity Fair contacted Conor, the Reddit user who originally posted the photo, who insisted he took it about a week ago in West Hollywood Park, near where Bieber rents. Conor said he was "hanging out" with friends when they spotted the singer.

Conor did not mention whether Bieber, labelled a burrito defiler, finished his meal.

Here are more reactions to Bieber's controversial burrito-eating method:

"justin bieber thinks burritos are harmonicas," one user tweeted.

"Justin Bieber apparently eats a burrito from the middle. I'd bet he puts the toilet paper roll on backwards too," another shared.

"A week after Canada legalizes pot and Justin Bieber has already forgotten how to eat a burrito," another tweeted with the hashtag #yourbrainondrugs.

"All those years of loving Justin Bieber and then you find out this is how he eats a burrito," another tweeted with a face-palm emoji.

"When the internet is so bored that the only thing that's even remotely interesting is @justinbieber eating his burrito sideways. I inspire to be this relevant," another said with a laughing emoji.

"Not only can he not speak Spanish, but he also cant eat a burrito right!" another said.

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