ROCK INSIDER: Cello-drums duo Lung releases new CD

Kate Wakefield (left) and Daisy Caplan of Cincinnati-based Lung released its debut album, “Bottom of the Barrel,” on March 18. CONTRIBUTED

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Kate Wakefield (left) and Daisy Caplan of Cincinnati-based Lung released its debut album, “Bottom of the Barrel,” on March 18. CONTRIBUTED

Cincinnati-based Lung isn't your standard rock duo. The drummer is a frizzy-haired, bespectacled guy named Daisy Caplan and the front person is Kate Wakefield, who sings and plays electric cello. Together they make engrossing music that's powerful, melodic and thoroughly engaging.

The members of Lung recently discussed their stellar debut album, “Bottom of the Barrel,” which was released March 18.


Wakefield: "Daisy's old project Babe Rage did a residency at one of the bars in town and every week they collaborated with a different musician. They asked me to do it one week and we ended up having a really fun time."

Caplan: "We tried to get Kate into Babe Rage and then the band broke up but we kept on playing together."

Wakefield: "Daisy has always been one of my good friends but that's when we both realized we had a really good time making music together. I had a rough November in 2015. I have a solo project as well and I just started writing some heavier songs that I could hear percussion to. I brought Daisy some of those songs that didn't quite fit into what I was playing out in public at that moment."

Caplan: "We started writing together after that."


Wakefield: "We took two days to record the basic tracks with John Hoffman at The Lodge in northern Kentucky."

Caplan: "I always think if you like how a band sounds you should record them how they are. There's no use playing drums to a click track in the studio when we don't do that live. We didn't want to layer a bunch of stuff on top because then it gets further away from what's good about it."

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Wakefield: We had two long days where we pumped out 11 or so tunes. It was intense but it wasn't really stressful because we were making music with John, who is one of our good buds."

Caplan: "We thought we were going to record five songs and we ended up doing 12. Those five went pretty quick so we decided to keep recording."


Wakefield: "We'll be ending our next tour at Blind Bob's in Dayton on April 29 and that'll be the one year-anniversary of our first show. I'm super happy that our tours are going as well as they are. It's been really fun to actually quit my job and just tour and make music. It's surprising how quickly that happened."

Caplan: "We've been having fun, we're really good friends and we're playing awesome music together, which rules."

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