Must-see video: Was 50 Cent's first pitch the worst ever?

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50 Cent's ceremonial first pitch at the Mets-Pirates game Tuesday night was embarrassing, but was it the worst of all time?

The Daily News said the rapper's throw – which went way, way outside – "could be considered the worst ceremonial first pitch in the history of Citi Field, or perhaps all of baseball."

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50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, fired back at critics on Instagram, saying, "I'm a hustler not a ... ball player."

In all fairness, 50 Cent isn't the only celebrity who has fouled up a first pitch. "Call Me Maybe" singer Carly Rae Jepsen made headlines last July when she flubbed her throw at a Tampa Bay Rays game, and Olympian Carl Lewis' ball fell flat a few feet from the mound before a 2003 Mariners game.

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