Daytonian of the Week: David Shepherd


WHAT: Pokemon GO Oregon Bar Crawl

WHEN: 9 p.m. Saturday July 30

WHERE: Starting point is Oregon Express Bar and Restaurant, 336 E 5th St, Dayton

COST: Free to play. Bars will have covers due to bands playing. You can purchase a $5 wristband that gets you into most Oregon District bars.

INFO: Facebook page

Our Daytonian of the Week is a man with his eye on the Pokemon Go prize -- David Shepherd.

A father, husband and local mail carrier, Shepherd is responsible for organizing the Pokemon Go Oregon Bar Crawl later this month.

With the popularity of Pokemon Go uniting people nationwide, this is more than just a fun social event. It’s people of all backgrounds, across race, gender and age coming together with a common goal.

We love when someone shows creative initiative and truly, what could be better than drinking and socializing while trying to catch ‘em all?

David was kind enough to answer a few questions for us between work and spending time with his son, and we welcome him to the ranks of Daytonian of the Week.

What do you do?
I am a mailman.

Label yourself.
Is there a word for someone who thinks they have figured out life while having about a 10% pessimistic point of view?

What's one word you think people would use to describe you?

What superpower would you love to have?
I've always wanted to fly.

Why did you decide to settle in Dayton?
I grew up here, then left the state ... came back and never left again. Ultimately, it was friends and family that kept me here.

What do you love about life in Dayton?
It's unpredictable. So many new things happening all the time.

What's your favorite spot in Dayton?
Warped Wing Brewery.

What's your guilty pleasure?
Skateboarding, even though I'm no good anymore.

What would you do on a perfect date in Dayton?
Can never go wrong a hike in Yellow Springs, an artsy evening at Pinot's Palette, dinner at The Wine Gallery and then heading up to the top of the Crown Plaza for an awesome view of the city.

Where do you go for a great time?
It's constantly changing, but I am a big fan of SkyZone.

What would you change about Dayton?
More family-oriented events.

What should people know about Dayton?
What you see on the news does not define the true heart of Dayton. Lots of people take pride in what Dayton has and is becoming.

What inspires you about Dayton?
The consistent growth the city is experiencing. So many investments happening around the downtown area to draw more people is exciting.

If you could change or bring one thing to Dayton, what would it be?
I think Dayton is headed in the right direction. I would just add an In-N-Out Burger and more Tropical Smoothie places.

What do you think Dayton will look like in 10-15 years?
I think it will look like Over The Rhine in Cincinnati. More nightlife than one small street.

What made you organize this Pub Crawl?
I thought it would be fun. When I created this I never thought so many would be interested. I originally only invited 25 people, and it blew up from there. I highly doubt we will be as organized as some of the recent crawls in Columbus. It's a very casual event.

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