Brett and Janelle Barker  of   Press Coffee Bar and Wood Burl Coffee are Daytonians of the Week 
Photo: Janelle Barker
Photo: Janelle Barker

Daytonians of the Week: Brett and Janelle Barker

Time flies when you are making good coffee.

Press Coffee Bar set the local coffee scene ablaze when Brett and Janelle Barker opened  it 5 1/2 years ago at  257 Wayne Ave.  in Dayton’s Oregon District.

The shop has received local and national attention for its superb coffees.

We caught up with the married couple of seven years, our latest Daytonians of the Week.

What do you do?

Own and operate Press Coffee Bar and Wood Burl Coffee.

Why do  you do it?

Honestly, at first it was the independence to do our own thing with good knowledge of preparing coffee. Now, it's the relationships we have made and continue to build with others in the coffee industry that make it worthwhile.

adddddA Wood Burl Coffee Latte (Photo: Janelle Barker)

If you could teach the world to sing one song, what would that song be?

"All You Need Is Love," The Beatles.

What do you love about life in Dayton?

It's real life. No cosmetics needed. Relaxed & affordable.

What would you do on a perfect date in Dayton?

Surround ourselves with people we enjoy being around

How did you get involved  in the coffee industry?

Started working as baristas and really got into the science of preparing coffee, not to mention the environmental, business and culinary aspects of it.

addddd Wood Burl Coffee (Photo: Janelle Barker)

What would you change about Dayton?

Residential/Commercial compost pick-up

What should people know about Dayton?

The Metroparks system is A+++.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

A good drink.

If you could change or bring one thing to Dayton, what would it be?

Add some allergy free zones!