Here are your top 10 Daytonians of Week in 2016 


Here are your top 10 Daytonians of Week in 2016 

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Dayton, you sure have some amazing residents. 

Proof of that can be found in the wonderful diverse group of people selected as Daytonians of the Week for 2016. 

There were artists,  police officers, educators, bartenders, entrepreneursactivists and even a Killer Brownie-loving librarian.  

They were all fantastic, but a few really captured your attention. 

Here are the top ten most-read Daytonian of the Week stories in reverse order.  


Franco Germano holding a squash — a very large squash — in the restaurant he founded in 1976 at the age of 31: Franco’s Ristorante Italiano, at 824 E. Fifth St. in Dayton. SUBMITTED Staff Writer

“Throughout the years I have met many wonderful people. The community and friendly people inspire me to keep my dedication.” 

— Franco Germano, owner of Franco’s Ristorante Italiano


Daytonian of the Week Jasmine Brown. (photo submitted by Jasmine Brown)

“To make Dayton a better place for future generations, our community needs to learn to work together. There are so many organizations trying to help Dayton become great, but a lot of times they are doing the same thing, but separately. If we all work together Dayton could be what it once was. It’s on its way, but together we could get there a whole lot quicker.”

— Jasmine Brown, owner of  De’Lish Cafe in downtown Dayton


Steve Tieber, co-owner of the Dublin Pub. Pictured are three entrees: (clockwise from front) Guiness Beef Stew, the Black and Bleu Salad, and the Irish Dip sandwich with fries. Jan Underwood

“There are more quality businesses in Dayton than there ever have been. Developments are booming, and business is growing. I really love how many people invest their livelihoods as well as their free time trying to make our downtown community the best destination in the Miami Valley. There are thousands of people working diligently trying to make Dayton great. I encourage people to come downtown and to take the chance and spend an evening in Dayton. The most important thing about the downtown businesses is that they are all locally owned, so the dollars spent at these establishments stay in the Miami Valley.”


Keila Hall of Dayton is attending Bowling Green State University, where she is pursuing Pre-Exercise Science specialization in Human Movement with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Submitted

“I feel that Dayton will be the city people look to for talent and innovation. A city of diversity and creativity that is even more prevalent than it is today! I strongly believe Dayton is full of diamonds.”

— Kelia Hall, Dayton activist and Bowling Green State University student 


Mary Kathryn Burnside and her baby Cora in front of Clash Dayton. (Submitted)

 “I would love to change the misconception that Dayton is a dangerous and/or boring place. I have heard so many people say they are scared to come downtown and that literally makes my skin crawl. Ever since moving here at 19, the colorful urban living has provided me with countless opportunities and a wonderful community.”

— Mary Kathryn Burnside, owner of Clash Dayton in the Oregon District and manager of Cloverdale in downtown Dayton


Brett and Janelle Barker  of   Press Coffee Bar and Wood Burl Coffee are Daytonians of the Week Janelle Barker

"(Dayton is) real life. No cosmetics needed. Relaxed and affordable.”

— Brett and Janelle Barker, owners of Press Coffee Bar in the Oregon District


Dayton View resident Amaha Sellassie is Daytonian of the Week (Photo submitted) Submitted by Amaha Sellassie

“There are so many people doing real authentic meaningful work throughout the city and region. The challenge is how to develop the communication infrastructure to increase our capacity to collaborate and harness the amazing gifts our community has to offer each other. We also have a tremendous untapped resource in our community, and that is our youth. We need to support those already doing the work with the youth along with create spaces for the youth across the city to gather and develop their authentic voice. There also needs to be some type of formal mechanism for them to be heard and participate in shaping the future of our city.”

— Amaha Sellassie, scholar practitioner and social healer


Karen Wick-Gagnet. Submitted photo

“I am inspired by Dayton because of the people. The abundance of people who are dedicated to their craft, their business, their family and their community are what make Dayton.”

—  Karen Wick-Gagnet, owner of Coco’s Bistro 


Daytonians of the Week: Brock and Landon McKibben

“Dayton is raw. Dayton is full of talent and people with a lot of heart and muscle. The people make it the “Gem” that it is. If you are new to the area, give people a little bit of time to get to know you. We are a small city with a big-ass heart.” 

— Landon McKibben, bartender at Toxic Brew Co., singer in for band Grand Mammoth

“I love how community-oriented the city is. We're a small city but Dayton has so much heart and talent. It's really cool to see all of the new places popping up what seems to be daily."

— Brock McKibben, bartender at Wheat Penny and Cloverdale; guitarist, 

lyricist and back-up vocalist for Grand Mammoth


Josh Stucky and Brent Johnson of Dayton co-own Square One Salon and Agnes & Orson Gift Shop.  They are Daytonians of the Week  (Photo submitted by Brent Johnson)

“I think one thing Dayton can change is the idea that we are not world-class... we are and we need to behave like it!! I would love to see more events in the downtown area... it just keeps getting better.”

— Josh Stucky, member of the Rubi Girls, co-owner of Square One Salon locations and the retail shop Agnes & Orson

“I love the ease of life in Dayton. I love living close enough to walk to work (at least some locations). I can run on bike paths, through tree lined streets, through UD and downtown. I can walk to Ben and Jerry's, for coffee, or to grab a bite at Coco's or Pine Club. I love the caring, friendly, open-minded people of Dayton.”

— Brent Johnson, member of the Rubi Girls, co-owner of Square One Salon locations and the retail shop Agnes & Orson

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