Some of this weekend’s best graduation advice came from Chance the Rapper and Chadwick Boseman

As members of the Class of 2018 graduate from their respective colleges, they're probably bombarded with advice about their future. But will they listen when the words of wisdom come from celebrities?

Chance the Rapper and Chadwick Boseman hope so. The musician and the "Black Panther" star were speakers at commencement ceremonies this weekend. Here's the advice they shared.

Chance the Rapper at Dillard University in New Orleans

Chancelor Bennett, aka Chance the Rapper, encouraged graduates to "be greater than the people who came before us."

He told an anecdote about getting a solo to show off his Michael Jackson dance moves in a preschool ceremony. That segued to a story about how Jackson, who Chance considered the greatest performer of all time, inspired someone to outdo him: Beyoncé.

In Chance's opinion, she eclipsed Jackson with her Coachella performance, "a production as grandiose as the Olympics and as intimate as a phone call," as he described it.

"We have to erase the stigma" that comes with surpassing our heroes, he said. "Never set any limitation on your own greatness."

Chadwick Boseman at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

Chadwick Boseman, a Howard alum, told graduates to "invest in the importance of this moment and cherish it. Don't just swallow the moment whole without digesting what is happening here."

He told a story about his first TV role, on a soap opera, that had him playing a character that "didn't live up to standards" instilled in him: The character sounded like a stereotype with a missing father and a drug-addicted mother. After Boseman pressed producers for more background on his character, he was let go from the show.

But he doesn't regret speaking up, and perhaps making the role better for the actor who would replace him. In fact, he credits his decision to speak up as an important step in a career that would lead to playing Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall and T'Challa.

"Whatever you choose as your career path, remember the struggles along the way are meant to shape you for your purpose," he said.

He concluded, in the accent he uses in "Black Panther""This is your time. The light of new realization shines on you today."

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