How to throw an epic ‘Game of Thrones’ watch party this season

Season 7 of 'Game of Thrones' starts Sunday, and if you're not planning on going to one of these watch parties in town, you may want to throw your own watch party at home. We've gathered some suggestions for how to throw the perfect 'Thrones' party, no matter how good (or bad) you are at Pinterest DIYs.


Impress your friends (or maybe just make them giggle) with some GoT-themed snacks.

First off, we already know that everyone loves wine in this show. Especially the Lannisters. So make sure to stock up on plenty of your favorite red before Sunday.

You could also get your hands on some specialty 'Game of Thrones'-themed beer from Ommegang. They offer beers with names like "Bend The Knee," "Seven Kingdoms" and "Three-Eyed Raven." You can look up where to find them on Ommegang's website here.

If you and your friends prefer liquor, whip up these themed cocktails: the Crows' Old Fashioned and Blood of the Dragon. Get the recipe here.


You can't go wrong with a cheese plate: it's the perfect pairing with the wine, and Olenna Tyrell herself loves it.

If you want to get a little fancy, make your own twist on Frey pies. Except, you know, without the human bits in there. Try this recipe for sloppy joe pot pies. And (speaking of pies) bake some homemade bread, too, while you're at it, as a tribute to Hot Pie. If you're a bread-baking noob, here's a really easy recipe to get started.

For dessert, whip up some lemon cakes (after all, they're Sansa's favorite).

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Another dessert/snack option is "dire wolf chow," a.k.a. puppy chow, a.k.a. the delicious treat made with square rice cereal (like Chex), peanut butter, chocolate chips and powdered sugar. For a fun twist on the recipe, try these "dire wolf chow" pretzel treats, which are a mash-up of puppy chow and Rice Krispies Treats.

I also found these beheaded Ned Stark cake pops on Pinterest, which are weirdly adorable and morbid. A blogger also decided to make "dead" Jon Snow cake pops, which are also adorable, even though he was never beheaded and also isn't dead anymore.


For labeling your food items, download a font here that's almost identical to the official 'Game of Thrones' font. Even if you haven't made themed foods to label, you can pull out your best puns for ye olde normal snacks, like "Sansalsa" or "Hodoritos."

You can also DIY your own iron throne -- either the fancy way (which includes the use of power tools and spray paint), the pool noodle way (it is summer, after all) or the easy way (which basically just requires access to a lot of aluminum foil).

What to do

Before the premiere airs Sunday night, make sure you're all caught up on what happened last season. Binge-watch the final episodes of season six before the premiere airs (you can find episodes on HBO, Amazon, iTunes and more) or poll your friends about their favorite episodes and watch those to get in the spirit.

You can also make your own trivia game. Quiz website offers a lot of really great quizzes and trivia questions you can use (winner gets this 'Hand of the King' pin).

There's always the classic drinking game (as long as you drink responsibly). Develop your own criteria or use these as an example:

  • Take a drink every time you see a White Walker
  • Take a shot every time someone dies
  • Take two drinks every time Tyrion throws out a dope insult
  • Drink every time somebody mentions winter
  • Finish your drink if you get characters' names confused
  • Take a drink every time a Lannister does (these guys drink a lot)
  • Take a drink every time somebody calls Jon Snow the "King in the North"


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