BEST OF DAYTON: The ultimate Dayton chili guide

Ask nearly anyone where you can find the best chili in town, and nine times out of 10, the answer will be “my house” — as in the home of the person you asked.

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We got even more evidence of this fact when we asked people on Facebook and face-to-face about their favorite chili.

In this ultimate Dayton chili guide, we’re combining some of our personal local favorites, with people’s choice favorites through the years.

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🥄Tank’s “Road Kill” Chili

🏆1st Place - Best of Dayton 2019-20, Best Chili

-Where can I find it? Tank's Bar and Grill, 2033 Wayne Ave., Dayton, (937) 252-2249

-What is it like? Meat, meat and more meat in a thick sauce.

-How much will it cost me? $3.99 for a cup and $4.99 for a bowl.

-What's included? A pile of cheese and onions are 89 cents extra.

-How spicy is it? There's a definite kick.

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🥄Trolley’s Farm Fresh Chili

-Where can I find it? Trolley Stop, 530 E. Fifth St., Dayton, (937) 461-1101

-What is it like? Hearty helping of grass-fed beef and veggies with red beans in a broth sauce. The meat is fresh from Keener Farms, a community supported agriculture farm that calls Dayton home.

-How much will it cost me? $4 for a cup or $5 for a bowl

-Toppings? Comes topped with red onions and a blend of cheddar and jack cheeses for no extra cost.

-How spicy is it? Just a touch of love

🥄Christopher’s Vegetarian Chili

-Where can I find it? Christopher's Restaurant & Catering, 2318 E. Dorothy Lane, Kettering, (937) 299-0089

-What is it like? Loaded with kidney, garbanzo and other beans and chunky veggies (yellow squash, tomatoes, zucchini, corn, etc) in a soupier base. There is also a meat version.

-How much will it cost me? $3.50 for a cup or $4.50 for a bowl

-Toppings? Green onions, cheese and sour cream for no additional cost.

-How spicy is it? Mild as she goes

🥄Lucky’s Vegan Tequila Chili

-Where can I find it? Lucky's Taproom & Eatery, 520 E. Fifth St, Dayton, (937) 222-6800

-What is it like? You won't believe it is not meat. Spicy soyrizo (soy chorizo) with kidney beans, black beans, onions and tomatoes. There is also a meat chili. It won't get you drunk.

-How much will it cost you? $4.50 for a cup or $6.50 for a bowl

-Toppings? Sour cream, onions, mixed cheese and jalapenos were about $2 more on the cup size.

-How spicy is it? Spice paradise

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