Tank’s Award Winning “Road Kill” chili is sweet with a spicy kick. It’s very thick, and packed with meat and potpourri of delicious spices including cumin, white pepper and paprika, among others. You can add cheese and onion if you so choose for an additional 89 cents). We added just cheese. Available by the cup ($3.69) or bowl ($4.69). MICHELLE FONG/STAFF

BEST OF DAYTON 2018: The best cup of chili in the Gem City

One of the best ways to warm up in the winter and fill yourself with comfort is with a bowl of warm, flavorful chili.

When it comes to chili, everyone has an opinion and style. 

We asked the people of Dayton to choose their favorite Dayton chili in Dayton.com’s Best of 2018 contest. These are the top three vote-getters in Best Chili.

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🥇WINNER: Tank’s “Road Kill” Chili

Photo: Amelia Robinson

What makes this chili stand out from the rest? The answer is simple:  Meat, meat and more meat in a thick sauce that packs a punch. The cost is $3.99 for a cup and $4.99 for a bowl.  A pile of cheese and onions are 89 cents extra. 

Best of Dayton voters showered love on Tank’s Bar and Grill, the iconic eatery at 2033 Wayne Ave. founded by the late Dan Tankersley in 1987. Tank’s wife, Debra Tankersley, now runs the show and has added more of her own touches since his death in 2016 and has keep the restaurant’s legacy going. 

Tank’s won or placed in more contests than any other contestant of any sort. 

Against stiff competition, the bar and grill nabbed seven first-place wins and one second-place win.

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2033 Wayne Ave., Dayton | 937-252-2249 | FacebookWebsite

>> Tank’s rolls over the competition in Best of Dayton 2018

🥈2ND PLACE: Skyline Chili

Photo: Staff Writer

Skyline Chili is sometimes the first thing that comes to mind when people hear Cincinnati. It can sometimes be a polarizing debate, but fans swear by the semi-sweet, smooth chili that’s lathered on top of spaghetti noodles and absolutely covered in cheese.  You can get Skyline in its signature forms, Three-Way, Four-Way and Five-Way, meaning, you can add onions, cheese and beans to your mound of spaghetti and chili.  Skyline’s prices start as low as $1.95 for a regular coney dog without cheese. Cincinnati-based Skyline has several restaurants in the Dayton-area. See them all here. 

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Multiple Dayton-area locationsWebsiteFacebook

🥉3RD PLACE: Wendy’s Chili

Photo: Staff Writer

You might be surprised to see a chain like Wendy’s on the Best of Dayton list. But our readers voted, and they can’t get enough of the bold and beefy taste of Wendy’s chili. You can top with sour cream and chives. It’s tasty, affordable and easily accessible. There are many locations in the Dayton-area. See all Wendy’s restaurants on the website.

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Multiple Dayton-area locationsWebsiteFacebook


Rivertown Chili in Miamisburg is utilizing wild game in its chili and other dishes one weekend a month. This is a wild boar chili the restaurant served in December 2018. Photo from Rivertown Chili Facebook page

Get this place on your radar. Rivertown Chili is new to Dayton’s dining scene and received an honorable mention in Best of Dayton 2018 award winner, just a couple votes behind the popular third-place winner Wendy’s. This place is special because it specializes in chili for breakfast and lunch (Tuesday – Thursday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Friday to Sunday,  8 a.m. – 2 p.m.). The signature breakfast chili bowl is potatoes, onion, cheese, chili and salsa topped with two eggs any style. The menu is packed with chili entree options with toppings galore. A bowl of chili costs $5 for small and $7 for large.

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105 S. 2nd St., Miamisburg

937-247-9481 | WebsiteFacebook