Why Tom Cruise, Khloe Kardashian, Chris Rock & 6 other celebs are moving to Dayton

1:19 p.m Tuesday, March 1, 2016 What To Do

If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard by now that Tom Cruise is moving to the area.

Well, he’s not.

The McKenzie Post, the world’s “premiere fantasy news site” (whatever the hell that means), is spreading the word lie that the Top Gun actor is moving to Oxford.

Again, he's not.

Come on folks, not everything you read on the Information Superhighway is true.

Here's part of the lie:

“In a surprise to everyone in Hollywood and certainly everyone in Oxford, Tom Cruise announced today in an interview with People Magazine that he was 'tired of the Hollywood lifestyle' and that he wanted to ‘live in a place where people were people and whose sincerity you didn’t have to question.’  He recently visited Oxford while scouting out a film location with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and, according to Bruckheimer, ‘Tom immediately fell in love with the relaxed lifestyle and the tranquil beauty of the surrounding countryside and was telling everyone that he was going to move there.’”


The site also has the A-lister moving to Maryville, Tennessee and Indianola, Iowa.

Cruise is not the only star the site says is surprising Hollywood by leaving it in the dust.

Singer Katy Perry evidentially likes cows and chicken so much that she’s moving to Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Justin Bieber likes them, too. (By the way, happy birthday, Biebs!)

JB gives the exact same quote about cows and chickens in Sandy Oregon that Katy gave about them in Rock Hill.

“‘I want a farm, I want cows, I want chickens!’ Justin told Us Weekly with an excited laugh. ‘I’m not giving up my career, I just want to move to a place that feels so different than what I’ve been used the last several years of my life. For me, that place is Sandy, Oregon.’”

They don't want cows or chickens.

That’s some crazy clickbait there, McKenzie Post.

Then again, maybe they are onto something.

How about these rumors for your brain: