Comedians promise to keep it clean at weekend show

Are you ready for a gosh darn good show at Wiley’s Comedy Club this weekend? That might sound cheesy, but it surely is not.

On Sunday, March 3, clean comedy will infiltrate Wiley’s with 13 comedians trying to challenge themselves by telling jokes without profanity, explicit content or similar material.

“I don’t restrict content for Wiley’s Sunday Comics, and sometimes I get tired of hearing the same taboo subjects or words we don’t often use in polite society mentioned over and over again,” said Karen Jaffe, who books the successful Wiley’s Sunday Comics show.

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She recently put out a post in the Dayton comics Facebook group asking if anyone would be willing to try a clean comedy show. The response was pretty positive.

The comics chosen for the show are a mix of a couple who do clean comedy, a couple who don’t and some newer comedians who need more experience. The comedians performing on Sunday include Brock Shank, Chris Karwoski, Dan Sebree, Dusty Harvey, Dwight McCormick, Elizabeth Fryer, Jack Wright, Jonathan Snyder, Karen Jaffe, Luke Capasso, Michael Wells, Zach Peterson and headliner Kenduyiwa Carpenter.

“It’s a great challenge for some seasoned comics who don’t often work clean, and shows new comics that working clean can mean more paying gigs,” Jaffe said.

The response from the comedians was actually so good that Jaffe has enough clean comics to do at least two more shows like this one. She is hoping to get a good audience so this type of show can continue.

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“I hope that the comics who think they ‘can’t’ work clean come to watch and realize that they absolutely can. And I hope the audience who comes to see it enjoys it enough so they’ll want me to book another clean one,” she said.

Wiley’s Sunday Comics show has amazing buzz and can typically be packed out by new comics as well as veterans.

“We have touring comics from all over the country stopping in to work on jokes. We have a few out-of-towners on every show who are clamoring to get on. And we have a lot of local talent around. Everyone is different, has a different outlook on life and comedy and what is funny. So, there’s really something for everyone on every show, not just the clean show,” Jaffe said.

The show is Sunday, March 3 at Wiley's Comedy Club. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $5. There is a two-item minimum for 90 minutes of laughter. People are encouraged to call 937-224-5653 or visit the website at to order tickets.

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What: Wiley's Sunday Comics show

When: Sunday, March 3, 8 p.m.

Where: Wiley's Comedy Club, 101 Pine St., Dayton

Tickets: $5

More info: Website

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