In November, the members of Goodnight Goodnight (left to right), Todd Herbert, Gary Thornton and Amanda Thornton, released its second album, “This Place.” CONTRIBUTED

Goodnight Goodnight discusses its second album

Goodnight Goodnight lost its bass player Duane Dow in August, but the group didn’t miss a beat.

The remaining members quickly recorded its second album, “This Place,” which was released last November. Amanda Thornton (vocals), her husband, Gary (guitar), and Todd Herbert (keyboards) recently sat down at Ghostlight Coffee to discuss Goodnight Goodnight

Gary: “It’s so much cheaper to do it yourself. The first CD went really slow. Our weakness was we were trying to make a perfect-sounding record rather than a record that has a lot more emotion. The quality was good on the EP but I think we over-recorded and over-analyzed everything.”

Amanda: “We worked out some bugs doing the first one, so recording the new one was a lot smoother. It went a lot quicker for me as well.”

Gary: “We recorded the new album in about a month-and-a-half. Todd came in and put all of his tracks down first. Me and Amanda mixed our stuff in as we could. Pretty much all I’d do when I got off work was work on the recordings.”

Todd: “We’re more focused now on our direction. When we started out we really didn’t know what we wanted to sound like or what we wanted to do. The three of us have worked together for years and we just knew we wanted to make music. We didn’t even know if we’d be playing out as much as we have.”

Gary: “When it came to songwriting, we were over-analyzing everything. When Duane left we decided to change the way we write and now we go a lot more with our gut. We’ll still take our time on it. Like the last three songs we wrote were all written within the matter of a couple of practice and that’s pretty quick when you’re sequencing everything. A lot of bands have just one primary songwriter and that’s why they’re able to get so much done so quickly. The more songwriters you put together, the longer it’s going to take.”

Amanda: “We all step in at times with ideas for guitar, keys or drums. We all help with a little bit of everything, which can help speed up the process. If I’m stuck, one of these guys might hear something for a melody. We do it all together so we write a lot. We’ve already started laying new tracks down at home. We’ve got the basic tracks down for three songs so now we’re just laying the other parts down and writing as well.”

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