Nookie alert: They say Limp Bizkit is playing the Sunoco again, today ...

Tonight could be the night that chocolate starfish and hot dog flavored water flow at a Dayton gas station.

>> Facebook event claims Limp Bizkit coming to Sunoco on Wayne Ave.

As the annual 4/20 rumor has it, the rap rock band Limp Bizkit will play the Wayne Avenue Sunoco tonight at 10 p.m.

Credit: Photos: and Mike Campbell, staff

Credit: Photos: and Mike Campbell, staff

Nearly 10,000 people have indicated on the Facebook event page they will attend the show. Another 5,400 saythey are interested.  (Note: Organizers annually change the date from the original 2016 event post.)

But guess what...

No nookie for you. 

But here’s a cookie. 

>> Organizers: Limp Bizkit concert coming to Wayne Ave. Sunoco 'for real' this time (April 19, 2017) 

It is 4/20... get it, 4/20.

You know what the date means, right?


The show is a hoax that dates all the way back to 2016 when a group of wisenheimers created a Facebook event for an April 20th Limp Bizkit show at the gas station.

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Both Limp Bizkit and Dayton police were whipped up in a frenzy and released statements denying the fake concert.

>> Dayton police, Limp Bizkit tweet statements about Limp Bizkit at Sunoco

Back on April 20, 2016, a lot of people showed up at the gas station to see if anyone else showed up.

The whole thing got a ton of media attention around the country.

It was something else.

>> Crowd shows up at fake Limp Bizkit concert site

>> The best responses to Dayton's Limp Bizkit, Sunoco hoax

Since then, a few other pranksters have tried to create buzz around fake concerts at the Sunoco and other businesses.

Did you hear the one about Dave Chappelle playing at the Legacy Pancake House last February?

“Laugh, and then laugh some more over a plate of pancakes, local realtor ads on the placemats, and the comedy of Dave Chappelle for this once in a lifetime appearance at Dayton’s Legacy Pancake House. Sit back, order some grits and pancakes, and enjoy the comedic stylings of Dave Chappelle.” 

That didn’t happen either. But the Legacy does serve some delicious grub.

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