The Offspring, (clockwise from bottom right), Dexter Holland, Noodles, Greg K. and Pete Parada), and co-headliners 311 bring the Never-Ending Summer Tour to Rose Music Center in Huber Heights on Tuesday, Sept. 4. CONTRIBUTED

The Offspring and 311 to keep summer going on Never-Ending Summer Tour

It has been six years since the Offspring’s last album, “Days Go By,” was released, but the musicians haven’t been idle. The punk band, which recently returned from Europe dates, brings the Never-Ending Summer Tour with 311 to Rose Music Center in Huber Heights on Tuesday, Sept. 4.

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The Offspring has also been in the studio working on new material with producer Bob Rock. The 2015 single, “Coming for You,” is the lead song from the album, which should be released in 2019.

The Offspring’s guitarist Noodles recently answered some questions from a tour stop in Charlotte, NC.

How is the Never-Ending Summer Tour going?

It’s been great. The shows have been incredible. The crowds have been really good. For two different sounding bands, we still draw a similar audience. We’ve got guys with 311 T-shirts up front singing along to everything we do and they’ve got guys grooving out to their stuff in Offspring shirts. It’s been great. Gym Class Heroes have been opening the show and they’re great. They can just play, sing and rhyme, so it’s really cool stuff.

311 & The Offspring: Never-Ending Summer Tour with Gym Class Heroes, September 4, 2018

You did a lot of European festivals in June and July. How were those?

We went to Europe and did four-and-a-half weeks there and it was amazing. Kids will come to the festivals and camp all weekend long. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny and hot or raining and miserable, kids are going to be camping. They come out in droves and they rock out — it’s really incredible.

When can fans expect the release of the next studio album?

It looks like it will be out at the beginning of the New Year. We don’t have a record deal right now and we’re trying to work something out. We don’t know what we’re going to do with that. We realize we’ve been taking way too long making this record. (Singer) Dexter (Holland) was hard at work finishing his PhD, which is no small feat, and we also go on the road every summer for at least a couple of months. Between touring and all of that, it has taken a while so we want to do a record fans are really going to enjoy and will really represents where we are in the world right now.