The Raging Nathans, (left to right) Josh Goldman, Nick Hamby and Jared Rey nolds, celebrate the release of the new album, Cheap Fame, at Blind Bob s in Dayton on Friday, Feb. 2. CONTRIBUTED

This Dayton punk band is celebrating ‘Cheap Fame’

It’s been four years since the Raging Nathans released its debut full-length, “Losing It.” However, the Dayton punk band hasn’t been idle. The proof is in the group’s smoking new LP, “Cheap Fame,” being released at Blind Bob’s in Dayton on Friday, Feb. 2.

“I spread myself pretty thin since the last record,” said leader Josh Goldman, who also runs Rad Girlfriend Records. “I was always on tour with other bands or putting out split 7-inches or whatever. We just knew we needed a new album. We were tired of playing the same songs. Since 2014 we’ve released a full albums worth of material over the span of several 7-inches.

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“So, it’s not like we haven’t been working on stuff but we needed a full LP,” he said. “As soon as this one comes out we’ll probably compile all the songs from the 7-inches and do a collections LP.”

“Cheap Fame” was recorded with Matt Yonker at Drastic Sounds in Nashville in June 2017.

“I’d worked with Matt previously on the Dopamines’ LP and it sounded great,” Goldman said. “He’s very laid-back and easy to work with and understands what a punk rock record should sound like.

“It was also good for us to get out of town,” he continued. “We were able to focus on just doing the record instead of going home every night and coming back to a studio. We stayed there, woke up and got to work for like 12 hours a day. It was a smart way to work for us.”

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Winston Smith, known for his iconic work with the Dead Kennedys and Green Day, created the cover art for “Cheap Fame.”

“Winston is rad,” Goldman said. “I love collage work and he’s always been one of my favorite artists. His work is iconic. He told me great stories and was just an absolute pleasure to work with. I asked him to design a logo for us and when I told him our record was coming out, it was actually Winston who offered to do the covers if we wanted.”

The Raging Nathans launch a 17-city West Coast tour in mid-February. After that, it’s dates overseas.

“We head over to the U.K. for a string of dates with our friends Wonk Unit,” Goldman said. “We’ll be over there for about two weeks. We plan to go back to Europe in July and do the mainland. We want to cover most of the U.S. and Europe if possible so we’re gonna be hitting it pretty hard this year.”

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