Adam Remnant at the Nelsonville Music Festival in 2017. (Photo by Nandini Stockton via Andy Remnant Facebook page)

These singing Dayton siblings to bring their family jam to Yellow Cab

The Dayton area has spawned its share of talented brothers, from Orville and Wilbur Wright and Jim and John Paxson to Adam and Jesse, who will host the first Remnant Family Jam at the Yellow Cab Bldg. in Dayton on Friday, Feb. 2.

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Jesse currently leads the pop-rock band Human Cannonball, and recently released an EP from a side project called Rex Apple. Adam, who led the late, great Southeast Engine before embarking on a solo career, recently discussed the event and his upcoming solo album.

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Family tradition: “We grew up with our dad playing blues-style harmonica. He would listen to all sorts of early blues, folk and country. I remember it sounding really at odds with what was on the radio and I think that planted a seed that music can take many shapes and forms. Additionally, my mom has enjoyed singing in the church choir so music was always around the house. Our grandpa played piano by ear and sang. Our uncle Pete plays guitar and sings and he was an inspiration as we were learning our instruments.”

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Adam (pictured) and Jesse Remnant, hosting the first Remnant Family Jam at the Yellow Cab Bldg. in Dayton on Friday, Feb. 2. CONTRIBUTED
Photo: Contributing Writer

What to expect? “Folks can expect four great acts with multiple collaborations between all of us plus some surprise guests and maybe even a mini-reunion of sorts. We’ve really become close with Blake Skidmore and the Counterfeit Madison crew over the last few years. Blake was in the band, Old Hundred. Their drummer, Jon Helm, plays in my band now. Jon and my brother, Jesse, both play in Blake’s current band. Sharon Udoh from Counterfeit Madison also plays in Blake’s band so there’s a lot of cross-pollination here. There’s a lot of mutual admiration between all of us. We’ve played several gigs together over the last year and it just seemed like a natural fit for this year. You can expect some extra collaborations between all of us for this show.”

2017 in review: “I put out an EP in 2016 called ‘When I Was a Boy’ and I kept playing shows with the band in support of that. We also focused on finishing a full-length album, which I’m happy to report is completely done and ready for release.”

Jesse Remnant of Human Cannonball (Source: Human Cannonball Facebook page)

Looking ahead: “This should be a really busy year. We’re putting out this full-length record and playing a bunch of shows in support of it. I’m increasingly more interested in video work as well so I’m preparing some videos to accompany the album’s release. I’m also attempting to do some podcast work for my friends at Aquabear Legion. I’ll be recording and conducting interviews with regional musical artists.”

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