Dorothy Lane Market’s Culinary Center offers a wide variety of classes, taught by many different and some notable instructors. (Photo source: Facebook)

Take your cooking to the next level with lessons from some of the BEST chefs in Dayton 

Did you know that you can learn to cook with one of Dayton’s favorite local grocery chains ?

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Dorothy Lane Market’s Culinary Center began in the Oakwood location in the late ’80s, it has continued to grow in popularity and size.

It was moved to a stand-alone spot in the Washington Square DLM in the mid-1990s and has created a full menu of classes to train home chefs looking to sharpen their skills in the kitchen.

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Over the years some of the region’s most talented local chefs have instructed classes on cooking skills, techniques and tips.

“Classes are informal and students are encouraged to make themselves at home, ask questions and generally be a part of the experience,” said Peggy Neary, Manager of the DLM Culinary Center.

The DLM Culinary Center offers three terms of classes throughout the year — fall, winter/spring and summer.

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The summer slate was recently announced with a line-up that is creative and exciting.

Chicago Style Baked Clams served at a recent DLM cooking class featuring DLM Chef Carrie Walters and Wheat Penny Chef Liz Valenti. Contributed photo by Alexis Larsen

Here are some of the types of classes you can take:

• Demonstration classes: The classroom is designed for up to 64 students. Students learn by listening and observing. Students are provided all recipes and encouraged to ask questions and take note as the instructor demonstrates the preparation of each of the recipes. Skills and techniques, as well as tips and creative ideas are always part of an instructor’s objective. The classroom is equipped with two large mirrors positioned above the kitchen island making it easy for students to watch the instructor prepare the recipes. There is also a large television screen on which the cooktop is displayed. All classes offer students a generous sampling of each recipe.

• Hands-on classes: Students are participants in the preparation and completion of the recipes. A hands-on class is usually limited to twenty-four students. Students may work in groups creating an entire menu, or work individually doing things such as rolling sushi or making pasta. Basic skills classes such as “knife skills” and “Asian wraps” are in this class category.

• Family classes: Hands-on classes designed for parents and children. This concept is designed specifically for busy families who wish to learn how to create a homemade, wholesome meal that can be prepared easily and quickly. These classes are also enjoyed by friends, or couples. The cost is $75 for two people.

• Petite chef classes: Students are ages first through third grade; and Junior chef classes, fourth through sixth grade. These are hands-on classes teaching basic skills and techniques appropriate to their developing skill levels. Teen classes: Designed for students who are interested in becoming more proficient and self-assured cooks. Summer camps: Weeklong young chefs’ classes for kids First grade though Sixth grade. Teen classes are three-hours long and focus on specific subject, such as Indian cooking, homemade pasta, baking, etc.

• Wine tasting/pairing classes: These can be either formal or informal. The instructor works alongside one of DLM’s expert wine educators. In these classes, students may learn to create a gourmet meal or small plates, and learn how to pair these dishes with the perfect wine. Wine Education classes are taught by our knowledgeable wine staff as well as local instructor and hosts from international vineyards.

• Cook the book classes: These classes are a shortened version (1½ hours) of typical classes. They choose a popular chef or cookbook author, pick three or four recipes and prepare them with brief demonstrations of each.

• Seafood supper club: This was a concept based on the ever-popular Friday Fish Fries during the Lenten season. There is a set menu each Friday and guests enroll just as they would a class. DLM staff prepares and serves a four-course meal, complete with wine pairings for a minimal charge. They turn the Culinary Center into a “restaurant” for the evening.

Chicago Style Baked Clams served at a recent DLM cooking class featuring DLM Chef Carrie Walters and Wheat Penny Chef Liz Valenti. Contributed photo by Alexis Larsen
Photo: Contributing Writer


Dorothy Lane Market classes are a hot ticket. In fact, four classes are already sold-out for May.

“Whenever we have customers on a wait list we do our best to add an additional class to the current term or we may schedule it in the following term,” said Peggy Neary, Manager of the DLM Culinary Center.

Here is a look at six upcoming DLM Culinary Center events that you can still get a ticket to:

May 1: Everyday Vegetarian, $75

If you’re stuck in a vegetarian recipe rut, this is the class you’ve been waiting for. Julia Hoy is kicking up the flavor with meatless and dairy-free recipes.

Featured foods: “Not Cho” Cheese Dip and Chips; Tofu Bahn Mi Sandwich; Black Bean Tamales with Pico De Gallo; Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups With Herbed Cashew Ricotta; and Fudgy Cacao- Tahini Brownies.

May 2: Rosé All Day, $75

Rosé is produced in many countries. Come learn why they vary in flavor and color. DLM’s Chef Carrie Walters will create and pair dishes with each wine that are sure to enhance the fruity, citrusy flavors of these most refreshing wines.

Featured foods: Seared Duck Breast Salad with Berries & Nuts, Trio of Tartines, Roasted Fish with Figs, Olives and Almonds, Chorizo Gnocchi and a “Frenchy” Cheese Plate.

May 6: Brunching with Friends, $135

This hands-on couples class will feature a brunch menu by Mary Cooney. Everyone will want to pitch-in, or perhaps just observe with a mimosa in hand. Join others and help prepare this delicious menu.

Featured foods: Frittatas with Sausage, Cheese, Mushrooms and Onion; Roasted Red Pepper Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary; Dutch Babies with Apples; Fresh Fruit Skewers with Lime Yogurt Sauce; and Sour Cream Cinnamon Coffee Cake.

May 8: The Best of Asian Wraps, $75

Learn step by step how to wrap and roll some of Asia’s best appetizers.

Featured foods: Vietnamese Style Crab Spring Rolls; Fresh Shrimp and Pork Rice Paper Rolls; Saigon Grilled Beef Parcels; Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps; and Steamed Shu Mai Dumplings. We’ll pair this menu with beer and wine.

May 12: Mother’s Day Tea, $75

This relaxing afternoon full of sweet and savory bites will feature a DIY tea bar so that you may help yourself to a variety of teas. The DLM staff will demonstrate how to make these tea delights and share our ideas for creating the most charming tea party for all of your tea party occasions.

Featured foods: Tea and treats.

June 10: Night Out on Bourbon Street, $135

This hands-on couples’ class will transport guests to one of the most famous neighborhoods in the world — New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Featured foods: Crab Canapé, Andouille Kale Soup, Asparagus Salad with Creole Vinaigrette, Shrimp Etouffée and Summer Berry Bread Pudding will all be served. This menu will be paired with wine.

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