5 must-try foods at the Great Darke County Fair


5 must-try foods at the Great Darke County Fair

There’s plenty of things to see and do at the Great Darke County Fair. But let’s get to the star of the show: the food.

There is a virtual ocean of vendors selling variations of greasy, gooey, deep-fried deliciousness, but here are five of our favorites from this year’s event.

1.) Italian Sausage
Pretty self-explanatory on the surface. But once you smother it in onions, peppers and a tasty marinara sauce and load all of that onto a fresh bun, it’s hard to resist.

2.) Farmer Brown’s Sandwich
This food truck got our attention from the long line it had in front of it. We came by again a half- hour later and they were still super busy.

The shredded top sirloin sandwich is covered in mushrooms and melted provolone cheese. But they also put a kind of slaw on top of it all before finishing it off with a toasted bun. It was absolutely worth the wait.

3.) Boston Cream Funnel Cake
It’s not a fair without funnel cake, right? We found a funnel cake that is even better. It’s the deliciously sweet funnel cake with the usual powdered sugar. Then they add a generous helping of Boston cream and melted chocolate. It’s like eating a doughnut in reverse!

4.) Deep-Fried Buckeyes
It was only a matter of time before someone took the All-Ohio treat and made it All-American by putting it in a deep fryer. So while we have you thinking about doughnuts, imagine it as a powdered doughnut with a chocolate and peanut butter Buckeye inside. It’s impossible not to make a mess with this dessert. You should probably just eat it outside.

5.) Strawberry Lemonade
Two great things that make a sweet drink even better. Though these numbers are not deemed to be reliable, I have it on decent authority this beverage has saved more than a thousand lives so far this weekend. Talk about refreshing! 

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