Changing Dublin Pub into St. Patrick's Day central is no easy feat. Video by Amelia Robinson.
Photo: Tom Gilliam
Photo: Tom Gilliam

WATCH: Dublin Pub transforms into Dayton’s St. Patrick’s Day mecca

Dublin Pub is gearing up for its 21st two-day St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza this weekend.

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The staff is working hard to get ready and helped us break down its St. Patrick's Day by the numbers.

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The Dublin Pub hosted its annual St. Patrick's Day celebration on March 17, 2018. PHOTO / TOM GILLIAM PHOTOGRAPHY
Photo: Tom Gilliam



The number of people who typically turn out for St. Patrick’s Day.


The number of days it takes to set up the Dublin Pub’s famous tent in their parking lot.  Planning began months ago.


The approximate number of acts that will perform at the event. 


The approximate number of hours it takes to clean up after the event.


The $10 admission on Saturday also gets you in on Sunday. You can upgrade for a $50 VIP experience that includes admission for STRANGER VIP Night and St. Patrick’s Day, tickets for food or drinks, and a St. Patrick’s Day souvenir cup.



The number of bottles of Jameson that will be on hand.


The number of volunteers, employees, security guards and others who will work at the Dublin Pub on St. Patrick’s Day.


The number of hours staffers, volunteers and others devote to the event, from the planning all the way down to the execution.



The number of beer barrels the tavern will have ready to go.


The number of people who can be in the Dublin Pub’s tent at a time. Another 1,400 will be allowed in the beer garden. 

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