Your guide to the booze of summer

Summer is officially here, and it always helps to be in the know when it comes to the latest trends in adult beverages this time of year. So I spoke with the good folks at Rob’s Beer Barn in Beavercreek to get their take on some of the best libations for this summer.

Last year we took a look at some of the best beers for the season. But owner Rob Stanton says it’s about more than just the beer this year.

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­čŹ║Springer - Yellow Springs Brewery (5.4% ABV)

Photo: Contributed

Don’t let the name fool you, Springer is perfect for summer. 

Rob says: “Crisp, fresh and delicious.”

´╗┐What drinkers say: The golden ale brewed locally has received mostly positive reviews, according to and the Untapped application.  Drinkers have noted the presence of fruit in both the flavor and aroma, while not being overpowered by hops. 

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­čŹ║Bubbles - Rhinegeist Brewery (6.2% ABV)

Photo: Jim Ingram

Is that a pink cider?! Indeed, it is. The folks at Cincinnati’s Rhinegeist Brewery concocted this ale blended with both peach and cranberry juice. 

Rob says´╗┐“It’s an ale that’s produced with fruits. Very, very good.”

´╗┐What drinkers say: Most seem to love the sweetness of this delicious cider. However, a small section of beer aficionados were put off by the hue. Drinkers also noted how it can sneak up on you, given its percentage of alcohol content. 

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­čŹ║Oberon - Bell’s Brewery (5.8% ABV)

Photo: Jim Ingram

Oberon Ale is hardly new to the scene. However, the brewery recently released their heralded pale wheat ale in a three-liter can. This makes it perfect for those outdoor parties.

Rob says´╗┐“A great representation of a summer beer. You can actually chill this can and it’ll stay cold all day.”

´╗┐What drinkers say: You’ll be hard-pressed to find a craft beer lover who dislikes Oberon Ale. Reviews from beer drinkers mention its smoothness and creamy white head with some light citrus notes. 

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­čŹ║Ermal’s - Warped Wing Brewery (5.4 ABV)

Photo: Contributed

You don’t have to go far to find this Belgian style cream ale. Ermal’s is a reminder that Dayton makes great beer too.

Rob says´╗┐“Our hometown favorite. A cream ale that comes in a 16-ounce can. Absolutely delicious.”

´╗┐What drinkers say: Everyone seems to point out the cloudy or hazy yellowness. However, fans also say its overall drinkability and clean taste are very good. Some noted a hint of banana aroma or taste as well.

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­čŹ║SpikedSeltzer (6.0% ABV)

Photo: Jim Ingram

It’s not all about the beer this summer, however. The SpikedSeltzer beverages appeal to people who like fruity taste but are counting carbs. It comes in cranberry, orange, lime and grapefruit flavors, and all are gluten-free.

Rob says´╗┐“Now we’re seeing a trend moving in the market towards fruit-infused spritzers. Grapefruit is very popular.”

´╗┐What drinkers say: Untapped reviewers either like or hate this product. Although, it appears they are warming up to the SpikedSeltzer drink overall. 

­čŹ║Arbor Mist Margaritas (6.0% ABV)

Photo: Jim Ingram

Breweries have been in the margarita business for years, but now an American winery -- Arbor Mist -- has also entered that market.

Rob says´╗┐“Arbor Mist has come up with a four-pack of margarita-based drinks. We have Pineapple Coconut and Strawberry. Very light and refreshing.”

What drinkers say: This product is just out on the market, so the first review may be when you try it.

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­čŹ║Mike’s Hard Lemonade (5.0% ABV)

Photo: Jim Ingram

It’s hard to believe this lemonade and malt beverage has been on the U.S. market nearly 20 years, which seems to suggest it’s indeed here to stay. It’s just not a summer party until you see one of these cans floating in the pool.

Rob says´╗┐“Mike’s comes in a 12-pack of four different flavors. It’s a great way to experience all the different flavors in one package.”

´╗┐What drinkers say: While beer drinkers tend to detest Mike’s Hard Lemonade, those who want something sweet with less of an alcoholic impact swear by it.