Starbucks scares up new 'Witch's Brew’ frappuccino for Halloween

Starbucks has whipped up a new "wicked good" Halloween concoction.

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The Seattle-based coffee giant  announced Thursday morning its Halloween-themed drink, the Witch's Brew Frappuccino, is now available at participating locations for a limited time while supplies last.

Starbucks says the new blended drink starts with a purple blend of "toad's breath" which tastes like the orange crème Frappuccino. It has a swirl of "bat warts" added (chia seeds) and is topped with vanilla whipped cream with a dusting of green "lizard scale" powder.

"We wanted to create a flavor that you might enjoy at a Halloween party," said Jennica Robinson from Starbucks' beverage development team in a statement. "It gets a little bit of juicy-ness from the orange flavor."

Starbucks started its Halloween tradition in 2014 with the Franken Frappuccino and then had the Frappula Frappuccino in 2015 and 2016. The coffee chain followed those up last year with the             Zombie Frappuccino.

"Starbucks loves to celebrate Halloween, and each year our Frappuccino brings something different to the season," Robinson said. "Witch's Brew is very fun, vibrant, bubbly, the life of the party."

Starbucks also has more spooky treats for the holiday. A Mummy Cake Pop and a Raccoon Sugar Cookie are available for a limited time while supplies last.

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