Going to California: Tod Weidner says goodbye to Dayton

It’s hard to imagine Dayton’s music scene without Tod Weidner. While he’s moving to California in March to join his relocated wife, Patrice, the longtime leader of Shrug isn’t abandoning the community he helped nourish for three decades. Fans and friends will have an opportunity to thank him for his musical contributions during a going-away event at Yellow Cab Tavern in Dayton on Sunday, Feb. 10.

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“It’ll be weird living that far away, but both of our families are still in town so we’ll be back to visit,” Weidner said. “We definitely won’t be strangers. Dayton has a very strong gravitational pull. Nobody stays gone for long. I’ve heard people refer to it as ‘The Dayton Vortex’ and it’s a real thing.”

Weidner has been a major part of the local music scene since his band Rehab Doll participated in Canal Street Tavern’s 1991 Dayton Band Playoffs. In addition to leading Shrug since 1994 and playing the occasional solo date, he’s also played in local acts like John Dubuc & the Guilty Pleasures, Motel Beds and the 1984 Draft.

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“I’ll definitely be coming back to town when we release the new Shrug album,” he continued “We were hoping to have it done and have a release party before I moved. That quickly became apparent it wasn’t going to happen. We’re taking our time and we’ll have the release show at Yellow Cab when it’s warmer so we can have a food truck and open up the garage doors.”

Weidner will continue hosting “The Jewel Case,” which has been airing Thursday evenings on WYSO-FM (91.3) since January 2016.

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“I’m so happy I can continue to do the show because it has really become a main factor in my life,” he said. “It’s a labor of love and I never would’ve expected to be doing something like this. I’ve been forcing mixtapes on people my entire life and unwittingly training myself for this. Now, I can force a mixtape on people every week.”

For now, Weidner is focusing on finishing home repairs so he can list his house with a real estate agent.

“It seems like all I’ve been doing for weeks,” he said. “It was a big job, but I’m almost done. I’m looking forward to living in the same place with Patrice again.

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“I’ll always treasure making music in this town, but everybody can get comfortable,” Weidner added. “I’m looking forward to the different surroundings and a little different challenge. I’m long overdue for it. I’m a little nervous, a little excited and, lately, a lot exhausted.”


What: Sunday with Tod

Where: Yellow Cab Tavern, 700 E. Fourth St., Dayton

When: 4 to 7 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 10

More info: 937-424-3870 or www.yellowcabtavern.com

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