Haunted House is no joke. Well, actually, it is this weekend

Want something silly with your scary this weekend?

The VFW Post 9936 at 1720 E. Third St. will host "That's Ghould! A Comic Haunted House" on Saturday, Oct. 19 at 8 p.m.

This one-night event is a part of the VFW’s family-friendly haunted house that has been ongoing through the month of October. The idea came was a collaboration between Brie McGuirk, comedy host and promoter, and Todd Combs, the senior vice commander at the VFW.

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“Every month this summer I’ve been trying to produce stand-up comedy nights to help with the VFW’s renovations. For October, we thought Todd is going all out with the haunted house, so let’s have one day where we can have comic a comic haunted house,” McGuirk said.

The haunted house starts at 6 p.m. Comics will be dressed in costume to provide scares and treats to kids throughout the night. At 8 p.m., 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. there will be a clean comedy show for families to enjoy. Patrons can basically enjoy three different comedy shows.

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“They will either be scared or they will laugh themselves silly. [Families] are going to meet someone who is ghoulish, but are funny. It’s still an emotional reaction,” McGuirk said.

The haunted house will be divided into different rooms including a scary Christmas room and a mad doctor room. Visitors will be guided through the different levels. Each weekend members of a different organization have given their time to help work the haunted house.

“With each non-profit, we split the funds 50/50. The organizations come up with six volunteers to scare people. With our membership declining and with members up in age, it is hard to do. People will be supporting two causes,” Combs said.

The comics come from all over the state, and will be performing clean comedy. The comics will be telling jokes dressed as clowns, Donkey Kong and Minions. Finding comics to perform clean is a challenge, and McGuirk acknowledges it’s also hard for her.

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“It’s like pulling teeth who will guarantee not to cuss and be vulgar AND be funny. It’s hard for me too. To help myself, I have to dress up as Satan. That’s just me with horns,” she said.

The VFW is said to actually be haunted and there are legends about a Mr. Thompson who used to own the building when it was a funeral home. Attempts to locate records on the home haven’t turned up anything, but there are many stories.

“The myth is that he likes wild turkey. People would put out a shot of wild turkey and leave it. They’d go back and it’d be gone,” said Combs.

He also described a little girl that is very playful and likes to move things around. There are even rumors that Mr. Thompson’s wife shows her presence every once in a while. However, beyond these possible supernatural appearances, there are good reasons to support the haunted house.

“I am very excited for the haunted house, especially for the comedy because it’s different and outside the box. It’s a way to help support local veterans. I am more about actions than words,” Combs said.

Some of the money raised from the haunted house will help the VFW pay for renovations that are needed, including the roof and decorative shingles. The goal is to raise roughly $200,000. McGuirk said she is proud to be helping the VFW.

“It feels really good because it’s comedy with a purpose. It’s a win-win for all. There are multiple organizations involved, and the VFW isn’t just about helping veterans. We are saving a historical building in a historical district. Amp up the neighborhood and make Dayton exist again,” she said.

The haunted house runs on Fridays and Saturdays through Saturday, Nov. 2. The cost for a veteran’s family is $10 and $15 for other families. For those who sign-up to be a VFW member, admission is free. Those who purchase tickets on Eventbrite for the comedy show on Oct. 19 will pay $5 for the tour and the stand-up.

For more information, please call 937-478-0983. For tickets, please visit the Facebook event page.

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