Dayton's own Hawthorne Heights present "Dayton Is For Lovers," a Gem City-centric music festival Nov. 20 at the "Old" Yellow Cab Building. Photo source: Facebook.

Hawthorne Heights announce curated hometown music fest

It's been a hot second since Hawthorne Heights has played a hometown show. So for Nov. 20, they're doing it big.

The nationally renowned rock band announced a special Dayton event on their Facebook page Monday: Introducing "Dayton Is For Lovers: A Gem City Music Festival."

"We very rarely get to play a true hometown show, and are super excited to be able to make this happen," read a statement from the band in the event description.

The all-ages musical showcase at the "Old" Yellow Cab Building, 700 E. Fourth St., will feature nine local acts ranging from well-established to virtually unknown, including Good English, Arms Race and Jasper the Colossal, with Hawthorne Heights closing out the night.

Hawthorne Heights members chose the lineup themselves, and said in the event description: "We tried to choose old friends, new friends and total strangers that are both talented and working hard within the scene. What we came up with was an eclectic group of acts from a variety of genres."

An all-ages concert downtown filled with passionate and excellent Dayton music, with Hawthorne Heights playing their first hometown show in years? What's not to love? Dayton is for lovers, indeed.

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In case your school days were somehow void of their music, Hawthorne Heights worked their way through the Dayton music scene to climb high up the charts with their hit singles "Ohio Is For Lovers," "Niki FM," "Saying Sorry," and more from the mid-2000's through the present. Their latest release, the final EP in a three-part series entitled Hurt, was released Sept. 18.