Human 2.0: Learn how to put YOU first

The Human 2.0 Festival will be in Dayton Saturday, Oct. 22. CONTRIBUTED
The Human 2.0 Festival will be in Dayton Saturday, Oct. 22. CONTRIBUTED

Many of us get extra stressed as the autumn season sets in: school is back in full swing, the holidays are almost upon us, and the one thing we forget to schedule is how to just relax.

Good news for those who can relate: The Human 2.0 Fest is almost here. It’s the perfect opportunity to take time out, learn how to slow down, remember how to have fun and take care of ourselves first.

What exactly is Human 2.0? It’s a free day-long festival, full of workshops and classes to help people heal and thrive mentally and physically. The best part? It’s free of charge!

The Heartfulness Institute sponsors this national festival, which is part of a global initiative to spread peace and compassion.

The local Heartfulness Center owns a beautiful seven-acre property in Beavercreek, where they offer free meditation and yoga classes regularly through the week. From 10 a.m.-6 p.m. this Saturday, Oct. 22, they are hosting Human 2.0 Fest for the first time in the Dayton area. For the complete schedule, click here.

Festival-goers will be greeted by a tranquil setting with four stages: an outdoor movement stage offering yoga, qi gong, hip-hop classes, an indoor speaker series, an ultra fun kids tent, and a private tent offering on-going relaxation and meditation sessions. Over 20 holistic vendors will be on-hand offering additional information to patrons. Food trucks will be on hand for anyone who gets hungry.

The Meditation Center has invited innovative partners to present exciting new concepts in all aspects of wellness. One of the most interesting educators is from New York City-based Brighter Minds. They are flying in for this event to demonstrate how to read while blindfolded. Intriguing, to say the least.

The event wraps up in celebratory style with live music from Ludlow, a local acoustic band that’s ideal for all audiences.

Admission is free. Festival is located at 3153 Lantz Road in Beavercreek. Ample parking provided. Please bring your own yoga mat if participating in yoga classes.