9 mistakes you may have noticed when you rewatched 'Gilmore Girls'

"Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" is coming to Netflix Nov. 26, 2016 -- set nearly a decade after the finale of the original series. This revival follows Lorelai, Rory and Emily Gilmore through four seasons of change.
"Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" is coming to Netflix Nov. 26, 2016 -- set nearly a decade after the finale of the original series. This revival follows Lorelai, Rory and Emily Gilmore through four seasons of change.

Credit: Saeed Adyani

Credit: Saeed Adyani

It’s almost here. No, not Turkey Day or Black Friday, but the actual day we’ve all been waiting for – the Gilmore Girls return. Netflix will release its four-part series catching up with gang in Stars Hollow on Friday, Nov. 25. Copper Boom!

If you’re a mega-fan like me, you’ve been re-watching the entire series in preparation. And when watched in binge mode there are suddenly a few glaring mistakes. Here are nine you may or may not have noticed.

1.) Gran’s back from the dead!

In Season 1 Episode 3, Richard and Emily talk about his mother the first Lorelai in the past tense, implying she is dead. Then in Episode 18, there’s Trix!

Actress Marion Ross appears as Richard’s mother in multiple episodes before passing, again, in Season 4.

Maybe she didn’t get her fresh clothing the first time around.

2.) Seeing double

I have to admit, in probably a dozen viewings of this show from start to finish (seriously), I NEVER noticed this one until a recent perusal of the IMDB cast list. Sherilyn Fenn plays two major characters on Gilmore Girls. HOW?

She plays Sasha, the live-in girlfriend of Jess’s dad in Season 3, in what was supposed to be a backdoor pilot for a Jess Mariano spinoff that never was.

Then she plays Anna Nardini, April’s mom and Luke’s ex, in Season 6.

There are actually numerous actors that played dual roles on this show, but I’m baffled that I never noticed this one.

BTW… Twin Peaks is coming back in 2017?!

3.) Where is Lane’s dad?

Lane Kim repeatedly refers to her “parents” when the show begins. Eventually all references change to just Mrs. Kim, but where did her father go? Did he ever exist? This one has always bugged me.

4.) A major remodel with no complaints from Emily?

Loralei’s parents’ house goes through a major transformation from Season 1 to 2 and no one says a thing. It’s one thing for a space to look different from the Pilot to the rest of the show (a la Luke’s diner), but after a whole season it’s just strange to think the audience wouldn’t notice.

The dining room and sitting room in which much of the show’s action taken place go from having solid walls facing the front of the house to being much more open.


5.) Oh that Mick. 

Mick is Kirk. At least in Season 1, Episode 2. Then he becomes guy delivering swans. Then he finally becomes Kirk who works at the market and slowly gets a full backstory of weirdness.

6.) So much for beauty sleep

How early exactly do the Gilmore Girls get up? For all their talk of loving sleep, “It makes us pretty! And keeps us from killing our crazy friends,” in numerous episodes during Rory’s high school years they appear to get A LOT done before Rory heads off to school.

We know from the episode where the deer hits Rory’s Jeep that her first period class with Mr. Medina starts at 8:05 a.m. And we know her bus ride is 40 minutes each way. So that means she catches a 7:25 a.m. bus in Stars Hollow. In so many episodes the girls have already gotten up, showered, dressed, applied makeup, leisurely walked to Luke’s, and ordered coffee and breakfast that they rarely consume, before it’s time to head to the bus stop.

When I was 16 I got out of bed 3 minutes before my bus came, not 3 hours.

P.S. When Rory gets hit by a deer the Stop sign is facing both the right and the wrong way. Oops.

7.) The story of Stars Hollow

Throughout the show there are a number of different stories of the quirky town’s founding. In seasons 1 and 4 the annual Firelight Festival is supposed to be commemorating the night two lovers followed a bright trail of stars to a clearing to meet on the very spot the gazebo stands today.

But in season 5 the diorama at the museum tells a different story, with a pioneer family discovering the spot. “The stars, so bright; this forest, so hollow! Hollow… stars… hollow… stars.”

8.) How deadbeat is Jess’s dad?

In the first episode of Season 2 Luke tells the story of Jess coming to live with him.

“The great prize that my sister picked up at a Der Weiner schnitzel left her about two years ago, whereabouts unknown,” he says.

But later when Jimmy shows up to meet his kid, he and Luke fight about him leaving 17 years earlier. “Right after Liz gave birth you were going out to get some diapers,” Luke says. “You went out but you never came back.”

9.) The disappearing ski trip

Probably my biggest pet peeve with this show was this messed up sequence of events.

In the Season 3 episode “Keg! Max!”, Lorelai convinces Luke and Nicole into spending Friday night at the inn because they are going skiing the next morning and Nicole would have to drive in from her place. We see that they came to stay because Lorelai, having had to lay off staff members, did their turndown service awkwardly.

It’s the same night as a party Lane’s band is playing at which Dean and Jess get in a fight over Rory and trash the place.

In the opening scene of the next episode, it’s the next morning and Luke shows up at the party house saying he was in bed with 10 more minutes to sleep when he gets a call from Kyle’s father about damage to the house. There is no mention in his rant about the ski trip he was supposed to be on or the fact that he wasn’t in his bed to answer the phone that morning, he was at the inn. WTF??!!