3 must-try Fronana flavors

If there is one thing you absolutely must try this summer, it’s Fronana

What is Fronana? Fronana is a delicious frozen treat, made mostly from bananas, that is completely native to Dayton.  It is similar to ice cream or gelato in taste, except that it contains no dairy, added sugar, artificial ingredients, preservatives, stabilizers or gluten.  So even if you’re gluten-free, paleo or vegan, you can still enjoy Fronana.   

The new store will offer up Fronana by the scoop, by the pint, as well as frozen treats like Fronana sandwiches, Fronana Buckeyes and a fresh twist on the classic frozen bananas.

The Fronana team plans to use the Collaboratory to brainstorm new flavor ideas, as well as ways to give back to the community. While I can’t speak for what new flavors they may have in store, here are three classic Fronana flavors that you must try.

Rich Dark Chocolate

Have you ever wished that your ice cream could be as healthy as it is indulgent? If the answer is yes, then the rich dark chocolate flavor is definitely for you.  It’s decadent and chocolatey with just a hint of banana flavor.  At roughly 50 calories a scoop, I could eat this by the pint. 

Mango Pineapple 

Fronana’s mango pineapple is exactly what you want to cool down with on a hot (and humid) Dayton summer day.  Even though these are big flavors, it’s not too sweet. It's light, tangy and refreshing.  Mango pineapple, along with red raspberry and strawberry are icier flavors, somewhat reminiscent of sorbet. 

 Vanilla Bean Orange Dream

 Vanilla Bean Orange Dream is truly a dream come true.  It tastes just like a creamsicle!  You really don’t get much of the banana flavor, but the texture is spot-on.  It’s the perfect balance of fruity and creamy.