Once, Oakwood was a disappointing failure of a town 


Once, Oakwood was a disappointing failure of a town 

When thoughts turn to Oakwood, images of well-manicured lawns and beautiful, historic homes come to mind. 

That might be true today, but the suburb to the south of Dayton wasn’t always that way.  

“When Oakwood was founded in 1872, it was a failure,” said Harrison Gowdy, a local historian and volunteer for the Dayton History and the Oakwood Historical Society.

>> WATCH THE VIDEO above to hear Gowdy break down Oakwood’s despaired past, and how the city turned the corner. She holds a degree in historical preservation from Middle Tennessee State University.

Dayton History and Oakwood Historical Society will present the Wright at Home tour noon to 5 p.m Sunday April 23. The walking tour of the Wrights’ old neighborhood includes information about their famous and not-so-famous neighbors.

Want to go? Adult tickets are $15 in advance or $20 the day of the tour, which includes a visit to Hawthorn Hill, the grand mansion at 901 Harman Ave. that Orville Wright and his sister Katharine Wright called home. Admission is $5 for children.

For more information, visit 937-293-2841 or visit daytonhistory.org.

Parking will be available nearby at the Oakwood Municipal Lot and along Park Avenue. 

Hawthorn Hill to be showcased during "Wright at Home" April 23 presented by Dayton History and Oakwood Historical Society. Video by Amelia Robinson.
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