Bottle of Karonis ouzo.
Photo: Alan Benson/Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images
Photo: Alan Benson/Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images

Ouzo is making a comeback at the Dayton Greek Festival this year

Opa! It’s not really a party until someone breaks out the Ouzo, right? 

That’s why, after over 20 years, the popular liquor that’s practically a staple of Greek culture is making a comeback at this year’s event. 

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Debra Pulos, Dayton Greek Festival marketing chair, said the festival dropped Ouzo several years ago, but people always ask for it.

Sunday funday was a day of family, friendship and food at the 2015 Dayton Greek Festival at the simply gorgeous Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Dayton's Grafton Hill neighborhood.  (Staff photo by Amelia Robinson)
Video: Amelia Robinson

They don't want to offer Ouzo at full strength because, "People are not educated about the sipping of liquor."

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And thus, the intriguing Ouzo Slushie was born. The cocktails will be available for $7 and in two different flavors: lemon and cherry.

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It’ll be the perfect way to cool off, and celebrate, at this year’s event! 

Delicious food, history, dancing and more is coming up at the 57th annual Dayton Greek Festival, Sept. 11-13. CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS