6 reasons Cincinnati Comic Expo is worth the drive

Want to do something really cool this month? All it takes is a short trip down I-75 to the Queen City for Cincinnati Comic Expo.

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We talked to Matt Bredestege, a representative of Cincinnati Comic Expo, about why you should make the drive.

1.) Meet famous people

"Every once in a while, if the planets align, we're able to put some sort of 'mini-reunion' together," Bredestege said. "With this year being the 30th anniversary of The Princess Bride, we thought we'd do something special and bring in Cary Elwes and Wallace Shawn. Even if you're not a Princess Bride fan, you may know Cary from Robin Hood: Men in Tights or the Saw franchise. And you may know Wallace from Toy Story and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

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2.) Get your comics signed by some industry greats

"We're definitely excited about Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder. They have a new Batman comic that's started this summer (Dark Knights Metal) and they've worked together on many previous Batman projects that people recognize them for. We're honored to have this talent who is working on a hot current project and also has recognition of their previous work."

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3.) Shop at what is basically a huge nerd mall

"With the pop culture stuff becoming so mainstream, people are always looking for things to hang on a wall or put on a desk. Our vendors sell stuff that's unique or that you can't find any other place. We bring in a wide range of over 300 exhibitors each year. We have t-shirt vendors. Vendors who sell handmade merchandise, such as glass-etched items, belt buckles, handcrafted jewelry, leather goods, and so many other kinds of things," Matt tells us.

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4.) See some cool costumes at the cosplay contest 

“We pride ourselves on our costume contest. Our judges hold contestants to a high standard, because we are being one of the premier costume contests in the area. We award over $2200 in cash prizes, so our judges will meticulously scrutinize costumes. What materials were handmade? What did you craft? What did you construct? How did you do it? What techniques did you use? We welcome people with all types of costumes, but for our costume contest, don't expect to be picking up something at Wal-Mart and showing up. We want to see some unique craftsmanship, but we also want to see detail and precision. How close is it to the screen version or the book version of what you're representing?”

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5.) Find that special someone

"Sci-Fi Speed Dating is an organization that travels to conventions all over the country, where they try to bring like-minded individuals together. Why not? If you're already a fan of whatever's bringing you to a convention, you might have something in common with that potential significant other you haven't been able to find. Sci-Fi Speed Dating has a very high success rate, resulting in dozens of marriages and a couple of pregnancies. We're just trying to help our fans find love if that's what they're looking for."

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6.) Shake your geeky groove tushie

"This year, with our Harry Potter guests, we decided our annual Geek Prom theme will be 'A Night of Muggle Magic.' But it's not just a dance! We've added games to play during the event. There's a wand-matching game, where fans can match the wand with the wizard who uses it; we have a sock throwing game, where you rescue Dobby the elf; and much more. So, yes, there will be dancing and music, but we're also adding stuff for people to do while there.

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Want to go?

WHAT: Cincinnati Comic Expo

WHEN: September 22-24.

WHERE: Duke Energy Convention Center, 525 Elm Street,Cincinnati

COST: Weekend: $65; Friday: $25; Saturday: $40; Sunday: $30

INFO: www.CincinnatiComicExpo.com

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