TEDxDayton speakers announced

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2:12 p.m Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016 What To Do

TEDxDayton organizers have released the speaker lineup for the 2016 signature event, which will take place on Friday, Oct. 14, at the Victoria Theatre in Dayton.

As in previous years, organizers anticipate a fast sell-out. Only 16 percent of unsold tickets remain.

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“There’s a lot of energy building in our community,” said TEDxDayton co-chair Ron Rollins. “People want to have challenging conversations about where we’re headed, and they’re looking for new ideas. This event brings new perspectives to the table and asks questions we haven’t thought to ask.”

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Nineteen speakers will present on this year’s theme—SEARCH. “This year’s theme really captures the spirit of TED,” said TEDxDayton chair Diane Farrell. “We attract an active audience. They inquire. They investigate. When they enter the theatre on Oct. 14, they won’t just be expecting entertainment, they’ll be seeking information, inspiration, and connection—and with this year’s powerful speakers, that’s what they’re going to find.”

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Speakers include:

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