Comedian. Pterodactyl. The Bamf.

In the journey of my comedy blog, I haven’t talked in depth about women in comedy. Mainly because most female comedians aren’t funny and the mainstream ones are far too sexy for me to like. I am being a little facetious here, but it can be said, that there are a lot of female comedians who are par for the course.

They talk about vaginas, boyfriends, kids or getting laid. I know nothing about any of these things. I’m drawn to more odd senses of humor with dead pan delivery and the look of a serial killer who actually loves animals. True mystery. Sometimes I would rather think about jokes than laugh at them.


Maria Bamford

One person with these qualities is the ever-adorable cartoon-like comedian Maria Bamford.

If you don’t know Maria Bamford, then I’m not sure why you hate yourself so much, but she’s an amazing comedian. The problem is, I just don’t know if I really like her comedy or not. Sure that’s an odd statement, but if you’ve seen her, you understand.

Recently, my husband and I started watching Lady Dynamite. This show has everything: pugs, flashbacks, cussing, surrealist humor, sheep herding, magic, satire, social commentary and Dean Cain. I know, right? Where the hell has that dude been? Now you know.

The show goes back and forth in time to show Maria’s back story including her numerous wrong choices and mental health issues that are all too real for a lot of comedians. Not me though. The brain is in perfect condition, but the liver, on the other hand, is another story.

She deals with normal people problems , but in a totally unrealistic way. For example, if she gets stressed out, she nods and smiles and then retreats to the bathroom to put a sponge in her mouth and scream until there are no more feelings.

Sometimes while watching Lady Dynamite, I look at my husband a little worried. I feel like I’m not getting the joke, but then again, is there really a joke? Is that the joke? It’s wild. This isn’t the first thing Maria Bamford has done to make me feel this way.

A connection I immediately had with Maria Bamford is the way she talks about her mother. They seem to have the love-hate relationship most moms and daughters have. She makes fun of her mom by mimicking her voice. I also connect with Maria Bamford because she has problems being social or friends with most humans on the planet.

One of my favorite jokes is when she talks about pranking her mother by leaving messages on her voicemail from the Baby Jesus. It’s the oddest concept, but it’s perfectly acted out, and who doesn’t love baby jokes?

In fact, Maria Bamford has a show on YouTube where she plays her mom and it’s called “Ask My Mom?” She answers questions as her mom.  It’s pretty amazing. She’s great at pretending to be anyone but herself, and for many comedians, that’s definitely something we can understand.

One of the first features I saw her in was “Comedians of Comedy” where she travels around doing shows with Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn and Zach Galifianakis. It’s definitely a must-watch. Another favorite of mine is the stand-up special she performs in her parents’ living room. See, it’s already funny.

When a comedian gets a show, it makes me jealous. I see how much I would love to have a show. I love writing, and there’s so much you can’t do by yourself on stage. So who’s wants to make a Netflix show with me?

But really, I go through phases pertaining to comedians I like. I can name numerous comedians I love, but the ones that make me want to be better at comedy on stage or in my writing will always be my favorite. For the time being, that’s Maria Bamford.