Dating in Dayton: Your Tinder horror stories

There's nothing like being single in the digital age.

For many, online dating offers the convenience of your own schedule with the familiar distance of social media. Once you take that theory and apply it to mobile apps, you can actually peruse for potential partners literally anywhere you have a signal.

Geolocation provides proximity, listed interests enable algorithms to suggest matches based on commonalities, and verification by established social media channels (at least hope to) cut down fake and spam accounts.

Of course, the most ubiquitous of dating apps is Tinder, where swiping left or right can lead to the person of your digital dreams ... or your nightmares.

We polled Miami Valley Tinder users to submit their best-worst stories and encounters from the app -- and some of them are defintely enough to make you think about adopting a pet instead of searching for a mate.

(Editor's note: In the interest of privacy, all sources are anonymous.)

"I was matched with my own step-brother. His profile picture was from his wedding. He'd just had a baby. His profile was very active. So gross." -- Female, Belmont

"My friend sent me a screenshot of my newly-separated-from spouse's profile ... and the pictures of my kids on that profile. On multiple sites." -- Female, Beavercreek

"I'm pretty used to the spambots -- you know, the ones that immediately message you a link to a porn site. What I didn't expect was using the app in Vegas and being essentially conned by an escort. We had a great conversation, we decide to meet up at a bar ... and then she tells me her pricing. I couldn't get out of there fast enough." -- Male, Dayton

"The match that told me he wanted to paint me green and spank me like a dirty avocado." -- Female, Kettering

"I decided to try out Tinder and pretty quickly began talking to two different guys. The one fizzled pretty quickly, but the other one was incredibly smart and easy to talk to. We talked every day for almost two months before meeting for a drink. I felt like I knew everything about him -- every job he'd ever had, his previous relationships -- literally no subject went untouched. In our online converstaion, he'd mentioned he was attending a meeting the night prior, so I asked about it at our date. He became incredibly uncomfortable, telling me he didn't usually talk about 'it' this early in a relationship, but since I asked ... it was a meeting for emerging polygamists. He and his wife were looking for a second woman to enter their marriage. He said he usually waited about eight months into "dating" to break the news -- you know, after the other person is all emotionally invested in a future with this guy. His descriptions of his previous relationships made more sense in a far more terrible light, and needless to say I not only told him I would never see him again, but I suggested that he get some real therapy to deal with his control and manipulation issues." -- Female, Xenia

Do you have a Tinder horror story you'd like to share? Email Tabatha Wharton at and we'll share our favorites next week.

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