Archived 2012 photo: Brandy Brittain of New Carlisle trains at the Miami Valley Shooting Grounds in Vandalia  in 2012. Brandy was working towards her CCW permit. W Staff Photo by Jim Witmer

Dayton-area jewelry store offers CCW class with engagement ring

Here's a case of "I do" and "stop or I'll shoot." 

Stafford Jewelers, 2555 Miamisburg-Centerville Road near the Dayton Mall, is offering carried concealed weapon (CCW) classes with the purchase of engagement and other diamond rings.

“You get a certificate for a free CCW class for the one you love,” said John Stafford, the business’ owner. “It is important for everyone to be their own 911.”

The jewelry store began offering the promotion in November, advertising it mainly on the radio.

Without disclosing how many CCW certificates have been given out for classes at Vandalia Range & Armory, Stafford said the promotion has been extremely successful.

“We have had people drive from over two hours away because they heard the promotion on the radio,” Stafford said. “I think people like to vote with their wallets and they like to support the same people who have their beliefs.”

Stafford said he is the only jeweler in the country offering free CCW classes with ring purchases.

No one has turned down the free class, he said, adding that it is a matter of safety rather than any risk that comes with having finger bling itself.

He said his customers want to make sure that the women they love and are starting their lives with are safe.

“(Some of them) already have the CCW themselves. They would like to have that for their fiancée and future wife,” he said. “The Miami Valley is a strong supporter of the NRA historically.”

Stafford said the promotion has also been popular with men buying anniversary rings for their wives, as well.