3 of Dayton's most incredible murals

Numerous places throughout Dayton and the region are better to look at because someone put paint onto walls.

Some we can see when driving through the main streets in the area. Others are more hidden.

Here's a look at three places that look much better because someone took the time to transform them:

Third and Keowee

The Mural Machine has created this whimsical piece of art along a wall at the southeast corner of Third Street and Keowee Street in Dayton.

Egyptian Body Shop

The Egyptian Body Shop, 1953 E. Third St., has a colorful mural painted on the exterior of the 60,000-square-foot bulding that hints at the work done inside. The business specializes in customization and paint for automobiles and motorcycles.


The Stop-N-Lock self storage facility at 3636 Linden Ave. in Dayton is a giant canvas for artists. Spanning several buildings, a variety of art can be viewed from the bike path that runs along side.

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