Dayton’s nightlife ranked one of the best in the country

Most likely, when you think of American cities with an active nightlife, your mind goes straight to larger metropolises like New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. However, according to recent research conducted by Apartment Guide, smaller cities are beginning to appeal more to crowds of late-night revelers.

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On this list of “10 Best Cities for Nightlife in America,” Dayton came in third, following Cincinnati, that came in second, and beating Cleveland, that ultimately came in fifth place.

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To come up with this ranking system, Apartment Guide put together a list of how many bars, breweries, clubs and music and live entertainment venues existed in each city, and then compared that number to the population.

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Apartment Guide calculated that Dayton had 70 bars, 9 breweries and 38 clubs. This means that, in Dayton, there is one nightlife institution for every 1,200 people.

Apartment Guide was also quick to note that Dayton was the most affordable city to appear on the list. According to research conducted by Apartment Guide, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment was only $731 at the time the article was published.

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Looking to get out of Dayton for a weekend of fun and debauchery? These are the other cities that made it in to the top 10:

  • Orlando, FL at No. 10
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL at No. 9
  • Portland, OR at No. 8
  • New Orleans, LA at No. 7
  • Pittsburgh, PA at No. 6
  • Green Bay, WI at No. 4
  • St. Louis, MO at No. 1

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