Sharpen your chef skills with DLM cooking classes this month

The fact that the latest slate of Dorothy Lane Market Culinary Center classes were announced in late December and already 15 of the classes are sold out with wait lists speaks to the appetite for the special food experiences that it offers.

The offerings are varied and interesting with each serving up a themed menu to enjoy as the class spends several hours diving into a particular dining subject.

The latest class announcements feature Puerto Rican, Korean, Parisian, Indian, Brazilian, Mexican, Andalusian, Greek, Moroccan and Italian.

The remaining January offerings speak to the breadth and depth of the subject matter and recipes that the instructors and culinary staff present.

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Jan. 19: Family Night Major Munchies 

Menu: Dishes that will help you get Super Bowl Sunday-ready — Nachos with chili cheese sauce and salsa, hot spinach and artichoke dip, jalapeño poppers, and everyone's favorite-Buffalo chicken wings.

Jan. 21: A Modern Dinner Party 

Menu: Korean-style pulled pork (Bo Ssam), with ginger scallion sauce, ssam sauce, white rice, and kimchi accompaniments served with Korean kimchi pancakes, gochujang meatballs, and miso peanut butter cookies.

Jan. 24: Three Kings' Day: A Puerto Rican Celebration

Menu: Much like Christmas in the U.S., Three Kings' Day is one of the most important holidays in Puerto Rico. Garbanzo salad, pavochon (roasted turkey marinated with pork spices and stuffed with ground beef and chorizo), rice with pigeon peas, fried plantains, and guava with white cheese will be served. 
Jan. 26: To Our Health 
Menu: Warm mushroom and lentil salad, chicken, farrow, white bean, and kale soup, spaghetti squash with shrimp scampi, herb crusted sirloin with roasted whole cauliflower and berry crisp with nut crumble and vanilla bean coconut ice cream.

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Jan. 28: Cake Decorating 101 Description: Find inspiration and develop a creative eye for cake design with LOVE Cakes Manager, Sabrina Fiffe.Students will decorate cakes and cupcakes using buttercream icing. Instructor Sabrina will teach basic techniques for preparing the cake: leveling, filling, and icing a cake smoothly. Students will also learn to recognize the proper icing consistency for piping and decoration, as well as which tips to use for the best flowers, leaves, bows, balloons, and basket weaves, as well as decorative writing. Students will decorate their own special occasion cakes with a personalized message to take home. Light snacks will be served.

Jan. 29: Master Your Knife Skills Description: Would you like to learn how to execute various basic knife cuts and shapes, like the julienne, dice, brunoise, and others? Mastering these knife cuts can improve the quality of the food you cook. A small appetizer plate will be served.

Jan. 30: The Paris Bistro: Affordable French Food & Wine Menu: Chicken liver mousse pâté, mussels meuniere, salad lyonnaise, bistro steak, and pommes frites,and lemon tart with chocolate and raspberries.

Jan. 31: Anglo-Indian Home Cooking Menu: Coconut shrimp curry, chicken tikka masala, basmati rice, spiced cauliflower, curried chickpeas and masala tea, which is served in British high tea.

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And that's just January. With more than 55 classes — none repeated — there's a wealth of cooking styles, recipes, preparations and cuisines represented.

"Topics range from cooler weather comfort food with delicious and healthful results to elegant upscale menus. We’ll teach students how to expertly decorate a cake and how to arrange a beautiful charcuterie board. Our food and wine education evenings create an atmosphere for relaxing with friends and enjoying fabulous food and wine. Each class or event is uniquely designed for learning culinary skills and experiencing superb dining experiences," said Peggy Neary, Dorothy Lane Market Culinary Center manager. "We always offer a variety of classes and events that appeal to novice or gourmet cooks. We have a couple of first time instructors that we’re excited to introduce, as well as our favorite local chefs and instructors with all new class themes."

Neary says the couples and family night classes and the other hands-on classes usually sell out first. Demonstration classes average from 25-42 students while other classes will accommodate up to 64 students. The price ranges from $45 to $90 per person with many classes falling at about $75 per person.

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When you consider the time it takes and some of the menus it's a good deal, especially considering most are served with wine or beer and you don't have to worry about taxes and tip.

"The time involved in preparing for a class depends upon the structure of the class and the menu. It's a process that involves detailed planning. Meal planning begins a week or so before and continues throughout the class. In most cases, staff will arrive 2½ hours prior to a class for prep for the recipes that will be demonstrated and served in class. Depending on the menu many dishes are prepared in advance," said Neary. 
The Five Course Valentine's Day Dinner on Feb. 14, featuring shrimp scampi, warm spinach salad, beef wellington, lobster thermidor and pecan nut ball with Chef Carrie's hot fudge sauce, may be long sold out, but the gift of a class is a perfect one for your significant other if they have a passion for food. 
"The first-time student will be completely delighted with the experience of a basic skills class or an elegant food and wine dinner," said Neary. "The combination of wonderful food, knowledgeable instructors, and varied class choices are next to none."

Having attended many of these classes over the years I would agree.


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Where: 6161 Far Hills Ave., Centerville

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