Dayton beauty brand receiving major press across the pond

Finding a good face oil can be a challenge, so much so that UK beauty connoisseurs are searching out Dayton’s own Elle Landon for their moisturizing needs.

Fans appreciate Elle Landon’s Luxury Face Oil for being hydrating and brightening and especially great for people with dry skin because it’s packed with natural essentials oils ranging from apricot to macadamia to jasmine and everything in between.

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Here’s where Elle Landon’s Luxury Face Oil has been featured so far and what features we can look forward to:

British Vogue

“Vogue’s Beauty Secrets”

September, October, and November issues

Glamour UK

Glamour Shops (online shopping)

“The Beauty Report”

Autumn/Winter Issue 2018

Spring/Summer Issue 2019

British GQ

“Luxury Gifts”

October, November, and December issues

House and Garden Magazine

“Get In The Spirit”

November, December, and January issues

Elle Landon creator, Leslie Vargas, sent samples to various beauty editors and once they started publishing her Luxury Face Oil, other magazines started to take notice and this led to even more requests.

Vargas explains all this British press “has definitely created more interest in my company and products both in the United States and Europe, especially the UK.”


Leslie Vargas developed Elle Landon Luxury Face Oil over a few years when she was having trouble finding the perfect face oil for her own use. After she crafted the perfect blend, her friends and family wanted their own bottles as well. Now she also makes beard oil and perfume oil in addition to her original face oil out of her Front Street Lofts studio in Dayton.

“I love having my business in Dayton,” Vargas shares, “Dayton has a wonderful art community who support each other in our endeavors.”

Up next for Elle Landon is an updated look with new box designs by Alice Alva [], as well as launching a new concentrated body oil just in time for the winter chill.

For more information about Elle Landon, visit or Instagram @ellelandon.

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