balanceYoga in Piqua’s aerial yoga class. CONTRIBUTED

Try defying gravity with aerial yoga in Dayton

If you reminisce about the days spent playing at the playground, swinging from the jungle gym, then you will definitely enjoy reliving your childhood playtime fun with aerial yoga.

Aerial yoga has been gaining in popularity around the country and here in Dayton as well. There are plenty of ways to try this style of yoga and find some inner balance, increased strength and joy in the process. 

What are the benefits of aerial yoga over and above traditional yoga? One thing most aerial yoga practitioners will tell you is that the aerial swing simply allows you to do more in your yoga practice.

Liza Pezzimenti of Salsa City Fitness in Troy explained, "the sling acts as a prop to aid in getting into more challenging poses and also enabling participants to get a deeper stretch."

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Femme Fatale offers aerial silks classes at its Kettering studio. CONTRIBUTED

In addition to aiding in your practice, aerial yoga "requires a different kind of balance, which can help improve muscle coordination and body awareness," explained Devon Schmidt of Day Yoga in Beavercreek.

Practicing aerial yoga also can help in other ways, as Sonja Ostendorf of Kai Yoga in Fairborn explains that inverting (hanging upside down) decompresses the spine. "Hanging upside down with the aid of the swing allows the muscles which support the spine to relax," Ostendorf said. Most importantly, aerial yoga offers a "sense of fun, freedom and confidence" Pezzimenti explained. 

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Day Yoga in Beavercreek's aerial yoga class. CONTRIBUTED

Not sure if aerial yoga is for you? Amanda Brown of balanceYoga in Piqua assures us that "aerial yoga can be enjoyed by new yogis as well as seasoned practitioners."

Many people also enjoy exercising on aerial silks, and Trisha Clark of Femme Fatale Fitness in Kettering explains that the studio welcomes “all shapes, sizes, and strengths.”

“You don't need upper body strength to come here. I think a lot of women think they need to be strong to take classes. You come here to GET strong," Clark said.

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Balance Yoga's aerial yoga class. CONTRIBUTED

Schmidt of Day Yoga said "students of mat yoga who are interested in a new experience would be good candidates [for aerial yoga] but even someone unfamiliar with yoga and just wants to have fun can participate."

There are some conditions that may make aerial yoga not necessarily ideal such as pregnancy, recent surgery, vertigo, and more. If you're not sure aerial yoga is right for for any reason, check with the instruction and your medical professionals familiar with your condition. 

Fire and Ice in Miamisburg


To get the most out of you aerial yoga class, area instructors give the following tips: 

• Wear leggings that go past the knee and work out T-shirts that don't fit too loosely (Malaki Woodward of Fire and Ice Aerial Fabric in Miamisburg) 

• Ensure that your clothing is zipper free and remove all jewelry, watches, and hair clips as these items can get caught in the fabric (Amanda Brown of balanceYoga) 

• If you're new to the studio, allow yourself 15 minutes to fill out paperwork and connect with your teacher to set up for class (Brown) 

• Avoid practicing on a full stomach (Brown) 

• Bring your sense of fun and adventure to class (Woodward) 

• Bring your sense of fun and adventure to class (Woodward) 

• Bring your sense of fun and adventure to class (Woodward) 

Kai Yoga Studio in Fairborn's aerial yoga class. CONTRIBUTED


Here are some places to try aerial yoga and aerial silks in Dayton: 



312 N. Wayne St. Suite B 

Piqua, OH 45356 | 

Day Yoga Studio 

1265 N Fairfield Road 

Beavercreek, OH 45432 | 

Kai Yoga Studio 

1 S. Central Ave. 

Fairborn, OH 45324 | 

Salsa City Fitness  

29 S. Norwich Road  

Troy, OH 45373 | 

Salsa City Fitness aerial yoga class in Troy. CONTRIBUTED


Malaki Woodward of Fire and Ice Aerial Fabric explains that "aerial silks were invented in 1995. The inventor wanted to discover original and imaginative ways to attract the audience at Cirque du Soleil, and I would say he succeeded. Silks are no longer circus arts only, though, as they are a beautiful and fun form of artistic fitness." 

Femme Fatale Fitness 

4623 Gateway Circle 

Kettering, OH 45440 | 

Fire and Ice Aerial Fabric 

7 E. Central Ave. 

Miamisburg, OH 45342 |