Bill's Donuts in Centerville is the reigning donut king in Best of Dayton's 2018 contest.

Delicious and delectable: 8 local donuts you’ve got to try

Who'd have thought that Dayton would be a prime location for bakeries and donut shops? Though mass producers like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts have rivalries that span the entire country, there's something about stopping by your neighborhood bakery to select from a large variety of still-warm donuts and other baked goods (if you have the fortitude to look past the donuts) and knowing that it came out of the fryer only hours before.

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These are the eight Dayton-area donuts that you must try. You may regret eating them all in one sitting, so space them out:

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🍩1. Devil’s foodcake donut at Bill’s Donuts 

Photo: Bill's Doughnuts

268 N Main St., Centerville
 (937) 433-0002 | 

Payment options: Cash, credit cards, checks 

Bill’s really needs no introduction. Recognized as one of the top 50 donut shops in the U.S. by Saveur Magazine and THE best donut shop in Dayton accrording to voters in the Best of Dayton contest , Bill’s is a Dayton institution even though it moved to its current Centerville location in 1979. Two years ago, its devil's foodcake donut's decadence earned it a spot on the Huffington Post's "Best Donuts in America" list. 

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Owners Jim Elam and Lisa Tucker strive to keep the same ambiance that they experienced working for their parents since the store opened in 1960, and work to be involved in the local Centerville community. 

🍩2. Peanut butter-filled donut at American Classic Donuts

Photo: Vivienne Machi, Staff Writer

4214 Linden Ave., Dayton  

(937) 252-5426 | Facebook

Payment: Cash and checks 

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The former “anti-Krispy Kreme” store on Linden Avenue offers a great variety of homemade donuts just off of Highway 35 and Woodman Drive, and is a well-deserved pit stop on any road trip going in and out of the city. Originally a Krispy Kreme franchise, it’s been family-owned since 1988, and offers wholesale products to several community members. You’re missing out if you don’t grab a peanut butter-filled donut or an apple fritter over a half-foot in diameter on your cheat day.

🍩3. Sour cream donut at Donut Palace

Photo: Vivienne Machi, Staff Writer

5115 Old Troy Pike, Huber Heights and 5264 Salem Ave, Trotwood

(937)802-5648 and 9937) 715-4576 | Facebook 

Payments: Cash, credit cards, checks 

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Since 1971, the Donut Palace has combined your classic donut shop with a sit-down diner. The choices are overwhelming. Whether you’re into donut holes, peanut butter glazed and powered buns, cream filled eclairs or apple fritters, the Donut Palace has what you need. And at Valentines Day they have the perfect gift: heart shaped donuts.

🍩4. Reese’s Delight donut at Stan the Donut Man

Photo: Vivienne Machi, Staff Writer

1441 Wilmington Ave., Dayton 

(937) 293-1080 

Payment: Cash, credit (except for American Express), checks 

For over 50 years, Stan the Donut Man has been serving up homemade donuts on Wilmington Ave. Their Reese’s Delight donut — with a Reese’s peanut butter cup in the center — and their maple-bacon doughnuts are particularly worth the time.

🍩5. Blueberry cake donut at Jim’s Donut Shop

Photo: Vivienne Machi

122 E National Road, Vandalia 

(937) 898-4222 |  Facebook 

Payment: Cash or Checks 

Open since the 1950s, Jim’s has some of the biggest apple fritters around and their blueberry cake donuts are always huge hits. Grab a large coffee, one of those bad boys and savor it while making new friends around Jim's wrapped counter top.

🍩6. Glazed strawberry creme-filled donut at Evans Bakery

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Photo: Vivienne Machi, Staff Writer

700 Troy St., Dayton 

(937) 228-4151 | Facebook  

Payment: Cash and credit cards 

Co-owner Jennifer Evans’ family has run the neighborhood bakery since 1969, and since 2012 she and partner Matthew Tepper have continued to provide some of the longtime favorites, along with new products created in-house from scratch all the time. They even deliver to businesses in downtown Dayton! Try the butterscotch cake doughnuts or the glazed — not iced! — strawberry creme-filled donuts. Recently the Dayton Municipal Court declared Evans has the best raspberry jelly filled donut in the Miami Valley.

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🍩7. The “cronut” at Ashley’s Pastries

Photo: Vivienne Machi, Staff Writer

21 Park Ave., Oakwood 

(937) 293-1719 | 

Payment: Cash and checks 

For 33 years, Theresa Hammons has been providing the Oakwood community with a full-service bakery at Ashley’s, and she knows the value of a perfectly fresh donut. Every day, donuts are the last product her bakers work on ahead of the work day, so they’re light, fluffy and delicious as soon as the store opens. 

If you remember the manic “cronut” phase a few years ago when foodies around the world “discovered” the glorious merge of a donut and croissant, note that Theresa has been making them for over a dozen years in her store. Who’d have thought Dayton would be ahead of the culinary curve? That deep-fried and glazed croissant is a must-try at Ashley’s, along with the glazed pretzel donut. 

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🍩 8. Made to order donuts at Duck Donuts

Duck donuts maple glazed bacon donut won best dessert at BaconFest. ALEXIS LARSEN / CONTRIBUTED

1200 Brown St., Dayton

(937) 951-2681 | Website

Duck Donuts starts with with their signature vanilla cake donut and then the rest is up to you. You can leave it bare or add powdered sugar, glaze, or icing in numerous flavors. Then pick your topping - maybe you like rainbow sprinkles or chopped bacon. Finally, choose your drizzle. It could be hot fudge, marshmallow, salted caramel or raspberry. There are no limits to flavor combinations.

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