Misolsol brings flavors of China to New Carlisle

A couple originally from China have been serving made-to-order Asian food in New Carlisle since 2012.

Restaurant: Misolsol China

Location: 660 McAdams Drive, New Carlisle (Park Layne)

Contact: Facebook.com/misolsolchina | (937) 849-9177

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Background/Overview: Yi (pronounced, "E") Chen and Min Chen were not born related, although both had the same common Chinese surname. Each was born in a streamlined region of the Republic of China called Fujian Province. Their families knew each other, and Min's best friend since childhood is Yi's sister!

After high school, he came to the U.S.A. with his family and settled in New York. She was a kindergarten teacher for seven years in China before moving to California. Throughout those years, Min and Yi’s sister continued to correspond, and eventually he noticed her as more than a family friend! They’ve been since married 2010, and have two children.

They chose Park Layne as their settling place because this area made them feel the most comfortable during their research to find a homestead. When they opened their restaurant here in 2012, they chose the name “Misolsol,” which is the combination of the mandarin word “meizizi” for “very good feeling” and a couple of musical notes Min played on a piano of the tonal scale called “Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do,” that brought much enjoyment to her kindergarten students in China!

Misolsol China has the slogan, “We want you to enjoy this restaurant like the warmness of home!” Anna Phelps and her daughter Angel work with the Chens in serving you made-to-order Asian cuisine.

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The Menu:

Beverages: Coke & Pepsi products — $ .85 (12-ounce can)/$1.50 (16-ounce bottle)/$1.80 (24-ounce bottle).

“Daily Specials” (could be): Firecracker Chicken — $9; Grand Marnier Sauce w/Chicken — $9.75.

Appetizers: Egg Roll or Vegetable Spring Roll — $1.30; Sugar Doughnut — $2.95; Edamame (soybeans) — $3.50; Chicken on the Stick (three) — $3.75; Fried or Steamed Wonton — $3.95; Sesame Cold Noodles — $4; Crab Rangoon (6) or Fried Scallops (12) — $4.25; Fried Buffalo Wings, Fried Chicken Wings or Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (8) — $5.25; Boneless Spare Ribs — $5.75/$9.50.

Soups: Egg Drop — $1.75/$2.95; Chicken Rice, Noodle or Vegetable Tofu — $2.10/$3.75; Hot & Sour or Wonton — $2.10/$3.95; Misolsol Special Wonton or Royal Seafood Soup (serving for two) — $5.95.

Sides: Sauces — $ .25 each; Crispy Noodles, or Fortune Cookies (10) — $1; White Rice — $2.55; Baby Corn, Lo Mein, Plain Fried Rice or Steamed Broccoli — $4.

Chow Mein/Chop Suey: Chicken, Pork or Vegetable — $4.50/$7.75; Beef or Shrimp — $5/$7.95; House — $5.25/$8.75.

Fried Rice/Lo Mein: Chicken, Pork or Vegetable — $4.50/$7.75; Beef or Shrimp —$5/$7.95; House or Seafood — $5.25/$8.75.

Mei Fun (White Thin Noodles): Chicken, Pork or Vegetable — $7.75; Beef or Shrimp —$7.95; House, Seafood or Singapore — $8.75.

Traditional Cuisine (w/Chicken or Pork — $9; Beef, or Shrimp — $9.50; Scallop — $9.95): Curry Sauce; Egg Foo Young; Garlic Sauce Style; Hunan Style; Kung Pao Style; Lobster Sauce; Mongolian Style; Moo Shu Style; Szechuan Style.

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“Chef’s Specialties” (w/White Rice): General Tso’s Chicken, Orange Chicken or Sesame Chicken — $9.25; Honey Chicken or Pineapple Chicken — $9.50; Amazing Chicken,

Lake Tung Ting Shrimp or Sunshine Shrimp —$9.75; Dragon Phoenix Delight, Four Seasons, Orange Beef, Oriental Combo, Three Afire, Triple Crown or Shrimp w/Grand Marnier Sauce — $9.95; Boubon Chicken — $10.05; Jaded Affair — $10.50; Happy Family or Seafood Delight — $11.95.

Platters (Lunch — Until 3 p.m./Combo — All Day): Black Pepper Chicken; Broccoli w/Meat, or Shrimp; Cashew Style, Garlic Sauce Style, Hunan Style, Kung Pao Style, or Szechuan Style; Chop Suey, or Chow Mein; Egg Foo Young; General Tso’s Chicken; Honey Chicken; Lo Mein; Mixed Vegetables w/Meat, or Shrimp; Mongolian Beef; Moo Goo Gai Pan; Orange Chicken; Pepper Steak; Pineapple Chicken; Sesame Chicken; Sweet & Sour; Vegetables w/Brown Sauce — $5.50/$7.25.

Vegetarian Dishes: Broccoli w/Garlic Sauce, Buddha Delight w/Garlic Sauce, Fried Tofu w/Vegetables in Brown Sauce, or Misolsol Vegetable Delight in White Sauce — $4.50/$7.75; General Tso’s Tofu, or Mapo Tofu — $7.75; Vegetable Egg Foo Young — $7.75.

Dieter’s Menu: Steamed Broccoli, Mixed Vegetables, or Tofu w/Vegetables — $7.75; Steamed Chicken w/Broccoli, or Vegetables — $9; Steamed Shrimp & Chicken w/Mixed Vegetables — $9.25; Steamed Shrimp w/Broccoli, or Vegetables — $9.50.

Anna’s Home-baked Sweets (Could Be): Brownies, Fudge (6), or Rice Krispie Treats — $2.

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Tuesday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 9:30 p.m.

More Information:

Misolsol China is in the same Park Layne shopping center as Community Market.

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