Taco Bell introduces its latest watermelon freeze with candy 'seeds'

Taco Bell is known for its cheap, inventive Mexican food, but now it's turning its attention to a creative drink -- a watermelon freeze with candy "seeds."

Taco Bell is apparently trying to prove its customers that it can make a soft drink look as much like a fruit drink as it tastes

The pink drink is mixed with little black candy pieces that take the place of watermelon seeds. Only with these, drinkers won't want to spit them out. Rounding out the watermelon theme, there's a big green straw like a rind.

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The $2.38 slushy joins Mountain Dew Baja Blast and the Skittles Strawberry Freeze as the brand's distinctive drinks. A 16-ounce cup has 220 calories.

Taco Bell is promoting the drink as a remedy to summer heat.

The fast-food chain says the drink is not suitable for children under age 4 due to a potential choking hazard. That concerns some customers.

“Taco Bell should really consider taking out the seeds in the watermelon freeze. My niece just choked. Very very scary,” a consumer named William Ginyard tweeted.

But the new drink is being welcomed by Taco Bell fans

“Taco Bell has a new Watermelon Freeze with candy seeds and I’ve never been more charmed by a beverage,” Stephen Sievwright said on Twitter.

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