Heartbreak (or something like it) plays out in bike path graffiti left for Queen of Hearts💗

Avid Dayton bicyclist David Hurwitz says he doesn't know what to make of the spray painted messages of love left on the bike path along the Great Miami River in Dayton.

“My thought is that somebody is having a little problem in their love affair,” Hurwitz said of the message left on the path between the Keowee Street bridge and the railroad bridge.

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On Tuesday, Hurwitz, a retired educator and downtown fixture said, snapped a few photos of the message left by Jack to someone named (or nicknamed) Queen.

One can assume the subject of the love isn’t treating the writer the way he (or she) wants to be treated.

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Or maybe it’s the opposite? Hurwitz wondered.

If his memory serves him correctly, Hurwitz said the trail of messages starts with “JACK LOVES QUEEN” and ends with “SO STOP DOING WHAT YOUR (YOU’RE) DOING TO ME.”

Between those are the messages “YOUR (YOU’RE) MY EVERYTHING,” “MY LOVE FOR YOU WILL NEVER DIE (,) MY QUEEN OF 💗,” “MISS YOU,” “PLEASE BABBEE 💗” and a heart with an arrow through it (💘) with a diamond and a heart inside(💗🔷) .

Hurwitz and some of his Facebook friends wondered about the story behind the message. One of his friends said the messages first appeared weeks ago.

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