How you can ride a $1,200 bike for $65

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley plopped a check on the podium during Bike Miami Valley's reveal event today and became the first official member of Link Dayton Bike Share.

Bike Miami Valley’s director Laura Estandia gave the mayor a giant green membership card featuring the Link logo — a bike wheel surrounding a bike made out of the letters ‘DYT’ for Dayton.

Your membership card will be decidedly smaller if you decide to join the program that includes 24 stations downtown and in surrounding neighborhoods.

Where will the bikes be?

The program’s shop will be housed at the RTA downtown, 4 S. Main St.

There will be stations in Wright Dunbar, the Central Business District, McPherson Town , the Oregon District, St. Ann’s Hill and South Park. There is a stop at Miami Valley Hospital and five at UD — near Roesch Library, near the RecPlex at Brown and on Brown Street at Caldwell and Stewart streets.

“We will bring our students downtown,” University of Dayton President Dan Curran said at the reveal event.

How much will it cost to use it?

The pricing structure to join is pretty simple. Membership won't kick in until the program launches in May.

Annual memberships are $65. This gets you unlimited short trips for that year.

The price will be discounted $10 for the first 100 program members.

A monthly membership is $30. The cost is $45 for a semester.

Users will be able to buy 24-hour membership at the station kiosks for 5 bucks.

Checked out bikes can be returned to any station.

What about the bikes?

The three-speed, green Trek brand bikes have adjustable seats, front and rear baskets, fenders, skirt guards, chain-guards an automatic lights. Some of the bikes will include a GPS

Bikes like these retail for up to $1,200.

Estandia said a community event may be organized to help assemble the 225 bikes.

Where can I find more info?

The website has been launched and includes a station map and more information.

The program is @LinkDYT on Twitter.

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