Reza’s coffee beans are handpicked from the farms its owners visit. CONTRIBUTED
Photo: Contributing Writer
Photo: Contributing Writer

These 5 Dayton-made coffee roasts will help you enjoy the day

A lot of us are making our coffee at home now — and while it’s hard to argue the affordability and abundance of that big red canister of ground coffee from the grocery store, why not infuse some artisanal local roasts into your daily routine from time to time?

If you’re so inclined, here are some great local favorites that will have you excited to get up and going each morning.

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Plus, each of these coffee artisans exhibit strong commitments to the environment and the Dayton community. Whether you’re still working from home or about to head back into the office, their roasts are sure to delight over breakfast, reading the paper (or your email), or as an after-dinner treat.

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Born out of Press Coffee Bar, Wood Burl offers seasonal roasts made in small batches. CONTRIBUTED
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☕ Wood Burl

Born out of Press Coffee Bar, Wood Burl offers seasonal roasts made in small batches with great care. Working closely with green coffee providers, proprietors Brett and Janell Barker bring roasts from around the world to Dayton, putting an emphasis on their origin and unique characteristics.

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Reza’s Roast is one of 32 new business to start or open in downtown Dayton in 2018. TY GREENLEES / STAFF
Photo: Contributing Writer

☕ Reza’s Roast

A family business and labor of love, Reza’s coffee beans are handpicked from the farms visited by its owners Audria and Ebi Maki. They bring these directly sourced beans to the Dayton area and roast them using the greenest machinery. And at their coffeeshop, they offer more than coffee. With tea, lattes, espresso drinks, pastries, egg soufflés, oatmeal, cookies, and more, everyone is sure to find something to brighten their morning at Reza’s.

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Twisted River offers single origin, blended, and specialty roasts. CONTRIBUTED
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☕ Twisted River Coffee Roaster

Combining the experience of working for major coffee chains and independent roasters alike, Dan Clayton founded Twisted River on three simple principles: Find the best-tasting coffee, roast it to its full potential, and sell it at an affordable price. A Dayton staple since 2015, Twisted River offers single origin, blended, and specialty roasts.

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Boston Stoker is family-owned and operated by the Dean family. CONTRIBUTED
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☕ Boston Stoker

A fixture in Dayton for decades, Boston Stoker is owned and operated by the Dean family. For them, the coffee business is about finding the best beans and supporting the farmers who grow them. The prime example of this is their longstanding relationship with Hacienda LaMinita in Costa Rica, which began in the 1980s. Since then, Boston Stoker has been serving Daytonians the finest coffee from all over the globe.

In 2003, Winans began roasting their own coffee beans. CONTRIBUTED
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☕ Winans

Winans Chocolates and Coffees was established in the early 1900s and quickly became known for their delicious candies. In 2003, Winans became a go-to for many seeking that perfect combination of chocolates and coffees when they began roasting their own beans. Now in its fourth generation of family ownership, Winans’ owner, Joe, travels the globe to find the right products for his business. At many Winans locations, you can also find a wonderful selection of teas and personally curated wines.