Take a bite out of 5 of the cheesiest grilled cheese sandwich delights in the Dayton area

National Cheese Day is the perfect time to indulge in this comfort food favorite

Question: what’s ooey, gooey and reminds you of childhood? Best answer: a grilled cheese sandwich, baby.

Today, June 4, is National Cheese Day. But let’s be honest, we should celebrate this holiday every day.

Cultures around the world have enjoyed cooked bread and cheese since ancient times, according to the National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day website.

The Dayton-area has a number of restaurants known for their own version of the ultimate in comfort food. Here’s a look at some of them.


Who makes it: Tank’s Bar and Grill, 2033 Wayne Ave. in Dayton’s Walnut Hills neighborhood. Call: 937.252.2249

Why you have to try it: This one is not for calorie counters and is totally worth that extra time you’ll need to put in at the gym.

The Sandwich: Swiss, provolone, American AND cheddar with lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers, mayo, mustard and horseradish on dark rye.

Cost: $6.99


Who makes it: Coco’s Bistro, 250 Warren St. in Dayton’s South Park neighborhood. Call: 937. 228.2626

Why you have to try it: It is totally and completely grilled cheese for grown-ups who love grilled cheese.

The Sandwich: Panko-breaded sourdough bread, four cheese blend: Provolone + Mozzarella Fontina + white cheddar. And you get nummy, nummy, nummy creamy tomato bisque perfect for dipping. This is the ultimate comfort dish.

Cost: $12 on the lunch menu.


Who makes it: Christopher’s Restaurant & Catering, 2318 E. Dorothy Lane, Kettering. Call: (937) 299-0089

Why you have to try it: If this sandwich had a heartbeat, it would deserve a wedding ring.

The Sandwich: provolone, cheddar, Swiss, tomato, mayonnaise and scallions.

Cost: $8


Who makes them: Melt Bar & Grilled, 2727 Fairfield Commons, Unit C

Why you have to give it a try: Melt takes unusual approaches to well-known dishes.

The sandwiches: They have about 30 gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Our recommendations include: the Korean War Pig, Parmageddon, and Monte Cristo sandwiches. Melt features at least one new sandwich per month as part of its seasonal offerings.

Cost: Prices range from $5.75 to $16.50. Sandwiches can be ordered in whole and half sizes and are served with French fries or kettle chips.


Who makes them: The Florentine, 21 W. Market St., Germantown

Why you have to give it a try: This one is in the name. Florentine’s Ultimate Grilled cheese has a following that brings grilled cheese lovers to Germantown from near and far.

The sandwich: The Ultimate consists of brioche bread crusted with Parmesan, filled with Swiss, provolone, cheddar jack sliced tomato and basil, grilled to toasty brown and served with seasoned fries.

Cost: $12.99