New book reveals how Obama tucked UK prime minister into bed after game in Dayton

There is burying the lead and then there is tucking in a world leader. 

Remember that time then-President Barack Obama explained basketball to David Cameron (then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) in 2012 while attending the NCAA basketball tournament at the University of Dayton?

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Well, there’s more to that story.

As Cameron explains in his recently released memoir "For the Record (HarperCollins, $40),Obama extended extreme hospitality to the British politician following the basketball game, Cameron's first.

Credit: Barbara Perenic

Credit: Barbara Perenic

Below is an excerpt taken from a tweet by Jonathan Martin, a New York Times national political correspondent.

Some Twitter users joked that Martin buried the lead in his tweet.

The passage about being tucked in reads:

“Traveling back on Air Force One, I was beginning to flag (tire). It was about 3 a.m. UK time. ‘Why don’t you use my bed?” Obama asked. He opened a door at the front of the plane, to reveal a double bed in its nose. As I leaned back on it, he proceeded to tuck me in with a blanket... ‘ I bet Roosevelt never did this for Churchill,’” he said.

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The book was the first time Cameron relayed the story.

Cameron told the story at a business award ceremony a week after the trip to Dayton, according to the Telegraph.  

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He reportedly said:

“So I duly did and Barack went to the back of the plane and explained to my private secretary and the team, he said ‘Don’t worry, the British Prime Minister is fine, I’ve just tucked him up in bed’.”

Credit: Barbara Perenic

Credit: Barbara Perenic

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