The Kettering Tower (left) became the tallest building in the Dayton skyline when it was built 45 years ago at 405 feet tall and remains the tallest today. LISA POWELL / STAFF
Photo: Staff Writer
Photo: Staff Writer

Oopsie! Business chamber confuses Dayton with Akron

Dayton’s skyline is so hot that it has another Ohio city’s chamber of commerce feeling the shade. 

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The Greater Akron Chamber on Thursday, March 28, mistakenly tweeted a photo of Dayton instead of one of Akron as part of a Twitter post seeking new members. 
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Scores of Twitter users and a list of media outlets that includes the Akron Beacon Journal ( and Cleveland’s ABC 5 were among those to call them on error.

According to the Beacon Journal, it read: 

“Becoming a member of the Greater Akron Chamber allows you to help advance the overall #business climate and #economic development of our great region!”

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The bad tweet was removed.

The chamber apologized for the goof on Twitter and tried to make a big pitcher of lemonade out of all those lemons. 

It’s all good, Akron.